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Who Is the Goddesspreneur?

I’m Marina Love, former model, back-up dancer, skin therapist, make-up artist, and beautician. Now presently Goddesspreneur, Goddess Chocolatier, Herbalista, Nutritionista, and shamanista extraordinaire!
Through the trials and tribulations, struggles, battles, and down-right colliding into rock bottom, time and time again combined with my background in competitive (and utterly brutal) industries, and universe-city studies I know what suffering on a deep level feels like.
I felt broke, ugly, lost, fat, and useless once upon a time ago and now that I know the solution (which believe it or not is extremely juicy and enjoyable!). I NEVER want any woman to EVER experience another day of feeling lost, old, weak, frumpy, toxic, horrendous, heartbroken, and powerless again.
I battled myself for over half my life, and it wasn’t until I claimed my inner goddess and unleashed her, that I discovered my gifts, healed my relationship with my body and others, molded my heart back together, moved mountains, and casted spells out to sea, and changed my life sustainably.

Because of my vast and dynamic areas of inspiration and passion, combined with life experience I am living my “Goddess” life.

It is my mission to pick up and nurture those women with broken hearts, to awaken their inner goddess . 
To teach them how to stand in their power, love the shit *excuse my language* out of their lives and themselves, discover their authentic purpose, and never feel fat, frumpy, unwanted, and discouraged again.
I’m here living life “blissing out” as Goddess and it would be unfair of me to keep these secrets on how to live a magical glamorously graceful purposeful life to myself!
It’s against the law!!! (ha ha he he the cosmic law that is) for Goddess to be stagnant, surpressed, and unexpressed. I am freeing your inner goddess from the prison you have built around her in your heart!
Now come with me and see what having Goddess powers are all about! 😉
Bravo for reading my story and toughing it out, as a thank you e-mail me at Marina@Lovemovement.ca to set up a 30 Minute “Get your Goddess out of Jail Free” consultation call.
I’d love to hear your story!

xo xo xo

After all, through unleashing our inner Goddess within we can learn to stand in our full power, claim our dreams as our reality, and change the world through the graceful compassion of Goddess.

***Goddespreneur is a training like NO other, that will not only get you realizing and sharing your gifts, but also you will learn how to cultivate all the goddess properties for sustainable transformation so you can move through life with the ease and grace of a goddess!***

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2 thoughts on “♥ Goddesspreneur Academy ♥

  1. I just wanted to thank you for how much you helped me through one I the hardest times of my life. I had just gotten out of a 7 year relationship that I had been in since I was 19, it was toxic and abusive and I needed to get out. Being on my own and starting over at 26 I felt lost. Your guidance and support helped me embrace my rebirth and find myself. I did beauty magic and it really helped me. I would love to stay connected to the community of goddesses that you have inspired. I can’t thank you enough! Much love and light xoxo

  2. Goddess Blessings to you sister 🙂 Thankyou for fully emboding the divine being you are and sharing this wisdom, knowledge and experience! You are DIVINE! So amazing to see other women co creating the world they wish to see by fully embodying it 🙂 Bless you ❤

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