♥Sacred Healing Cacao Ceremonies♥

“An Indigenous myth tells us whenever the balance between humans and nature becomes threatened, cacao comes from the rainforest to open people’s hearts and return the planet to a state of harmony.” – Keith, Cacao Shaman from Guatemala



For those who know your connection to chocolate runs deep…..

By bringing forth the ancient tradition of cacao ceremony to help the collective journey of humanity we are opening precious portals of possibility for not only ourselves but for the world as a whole. Criollo (ceremonial cacao) is one of the most gentle facilitators in the plant medicine kingdom. It will lead you to the door, but not push you through it.

The alkaloids, neurotransmitters, neuromodulators, vitamins and minerals specific to cacao have a particularly nourishing effect on the human body. Cacao contains the neurotransmitters serotonin, tryptophan and dopamine which assist with feelings of wellbeing, resilience to stress and anxiety and contribute to healthy motivation.

IMG_8866-copyIt also has the neuromodulator phenylethylamine (PEA) which helps the body create feelings of excitement and euphoria. With healthy amounts of PEA we stay focused, time slows down and we are not distracted by hunger or excess stimulation from the ‘outside world’. PEA also increases the effectiveness of norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter related to joy.

Anandamide is a type of lipid (oil) found in cacao. The word ‘ananda’ (from which this chemical was named) translates from the Sanskrit language as ‘bliss’. This naturally produced chemical is an endorphin. Anandamide results in feelings of bliss and euphoria, but also plays a vital role in moderating pain perception and the memory of pain, as well as assisting in regulating appetite and mood.

IMG_8928-copyWhen you consume cacao prepared for ceremony using high quality raw cacao beans, all the mood enhancing neurochemicals become particularly active. There is increased blood flow and nutrition to the brain, heart and skin, the whole body is nourished, awareness and focus is heightened and sensations are intensified.

The context of the ceremony is a safe and beautiful space that supports reflection and connection to the “larger aspects of yourself”. This creates a unique opportunity to explore the stories of the heart and to identify areas that are causing you restriction, limitation and pain. You have the chance to relax deeply and receive insights, inspiration and creative ideas that can give you a clarity on the “next steps” of your life and where you can support your overall health.

IMG_88862-copyAs an alchemist herself, Marina Love facilitates her ceremonies using Alchemy as the powerful ally to Cacao. The ceremony itself clings to no rule, is not shamanic nor religious, however takes the beauty and wholeness from the ideals and philosophies of the following, and intertwines them through into heart medicine through alchemy.

Many people report a deep sense of joy and peace, a connection to something bigger than themselves as well as insights of limiting behaviors, thoughts and feelings that are able to be understood and released within the safe environment of the ceremony. Some also find that as their focus holding ability improves, their overall success in life increases and a greater sense of contentment and satisfaction follows.

Come dance with divine – share, laugh, hug, smile, cry, and release as you are led on a sacred journey through ancient plant medicine ceremony with the most delicious substance known to this world – chocolate.

The ripple effect of having intentional/sacred/healing ceremonies and working with Criollo (ceremonial chocolate) and allowing me to use my gifts in facilitating ceremony, goes beyond each individual in attendance.

* Experience chocolate as the magical partner it is*


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I LOVE sharing this experience with all! If you’d like me to facilitate an event please e-mail me at Marina@Lovemovement.ca!



3 thoughts on “♥Sacred Healing Cacao Ceremonies♥

  1. To tell you the truth when I came to the cacao ceremony Saturday night I was not in the best mood. A bit tired and annoyed without knowing why. I decided to just be there and see. It started slowly but as we became warmer and more comfortable my mood changed. We drank our «magic potion» and the music started playing. My mood started to change then and I just listenend to the music, leaving out any analysis about why I was in a bad mood. I really enjoyed the circle dancing and felt revigorated. The following night I had a very powerful dream that revealed something extremely important to me. I clearly feel that sacred criollo had something to do with it ! If you have a chance, come and join the ceremony next time you will not regret it !

  2. Marina is purely magical. She is a true lightworker. She activates the heart chakra of those she meets.She is a true healer.

  3. Marina it’s a great facilitator, full of love and compassion. As for the chocolatl, I totally loved it. It was a great mix of very powerful ingredients. As soon as I drank it, I felt my 6th chakra activated. The next day, I had a clear vision of the work I wanted to do, and even the name for my products and my company, something that had been eluding me for weeks.

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