La Dolce Vita

For those of you who don’t know but the meaning of the title is “The Sweet Life” –  in Italian. Its a phrase I use quite consistently when describing this thing that we are all here participating in – Life.
…..But is it really sweet? I’m going to give you all a brief reality check, and while reading it I would like you to see how much this relates to either yourself, your life, and the lives of people you know. Here you go;
Obesity, eating disorders, and famine on the rapid rise
alcoholism, deceit, fame worship on an all time high.
abortions, single parent families, and broken families common and wide spread.
War, violence, and injustice a part of everyday life.

What is REALLY going on here!? How is it that society as a whole has become so tolerant when it comes to dealing with EVIL!?

Its either we stand up or we continue IGNORING what is happening in the world.

I cannot believe my eyes every time I step out my door into the world and observe what is going on. How is that so many of us are walking, living, and breathing so BLINDLY amongst all this garbage!! Its really unbelievable.


I understand its important to look out for yourself and the ones you love and not worry about problems that don’t concern you. But little by little, slowly by slowly, the world’s illness is taking over. Are you just going to watch it happen or will you do something? Eventually the neglect you have been doing will start to affect the lives of others, the lives of those you care about, and YOUR life.


Everyday I see all of this. I get on the bus and some girl is glaring at me because I’ve got nice shoes – INSECURITY! I recognize her issue and send her my love by smiling in her face. (oh and yes people it IS a disease – DIS EASE) I get off at my destination and there has been a fight or what looks like a riot. Someone is being wheeled away on a stretcher and there are police officers everywhere. (What is so wrong in society with people that they cannot communicate efficiently enough to avoid violence between each other) I’m walking up to the building where my meeting is and as I open the door a very sick person in a wheelchair is coming outside, this person glares at me as I smile…(I don’t know about you but when  someone smiles at me I smile back – it really IS that contagious) I send this person my love and blessings, It appears whatever is causing them physical illness has also caused them mental illness as well. After my meeting I decide to go my favorite cafe to enjoy a coffee and unwind before the speed of my day picks up furthermore (It requires some preparation in the form of a reward at times) They have plasma screens playing the nationwide music channel and thats where I see IT…ITS Lady gaga! Oh look its my long lost little friend…NOT. Her music is designed for idiots with its catchy and senseless lyrics above that why is everyone so blind to see how much EVIL is standing with her, beside, infront and all around her!?? Her music videos are disgusting, I’m sick that people actually find this crap entertainment. So if thats entertainment I’d rather pass. I’m finished my latte so I leave, and as I’m walking my mind takes over – I just don’t understand why that annoying song is trapped up in my head, and the images in her video is haunting my mind. There’s the proof people, its CLEARLY subliminal. Everyone is so caught up in thinking that SHIT is cool, that they don’t even see the EVIL behind it. I’ve done a lot of research about life, why we are here, what our purpose is as humans and what the fundamentals of life should be. Everything that we were taught from the beginning is 100% flipped around and different in every way shape or form possible. IT IS important people, the foundations our forefathers layed for us was the foundation of REAL life. I understand that with the changes in dates and times this cannot stay completely the same, but how is it that it has gone so far off the deep end? People are not even real anymore!!? Never mind appearances with plastic surgery (oh look I just passed the official candidate for Ms Botox international, coincidence? I think not!) I keep walking…my mind is still buzzing….but food is no longer real, have ANY of you read the ingredient list on your groceries!? Well maybe you should start and actually look into what those ingredients are and maybe its a good idea also if you see what the side effects are. Maybe that would be a great start. Its no wonder everyone is poisoned. The food they are eating, the air they are breathing, the TV they worship and watch daily, the doctors and government they TRUST…its all POISON. My mind keeps going on and I keep thinking to myself. There needs to be a change. A peaceful loving change, and if there is someone out there who actually cares enough for humanity its me. So once my day commenced I came home and I started this blog. STAY TUNED aaaaaaaand…..wait for it….


….Lets makes this world a REAL la dolce vita!


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