Last night I received terrible news, and although I wont be going too much into details about what I heard I can tell you what it made me discover. Its something I’ve observed and known for a very long time, but it was tucked away in the “tickle trunk” of my brain. Now its back again for an emotional visit.

Drug use is something I really don’t agree with, and I cant comprehend why so many people out there are “using”. Is it really true that life has become so dull and boring to the point where we have to poison ourselves with artificial stimulus to obtain a false sense of reality? Why is this? Its costing people every ounce of their souls, and in some cases, like the call I received last night – their life. How come many do not know how to solve their problems other than drugging themselves. Is this really truly the only answer?


If people understood the metaphysical world more I know for a fact they would proceed with caution when coming near drugs. Most humans only view the world and understand it

from a point of what they can see. Meta meaning beyond and physical meaning the word it self. Beyond Physical, this is what the world needs to start referring back too. It has became some much surface and not enough “meta” I’m encouraging everyone starting today to begin their journey into the energy realm. The meta world, the world where spirituality and energy are the fundamentals of survival. It doesn’t cost anything to join and the side effects are living a more joyous and prosperous life guaranteed.

We are all starting to learn more and more and hear more and more about the law of attraction. This is a principal of metaphysical science. Everything is energy. Become more in tuned with energy and you will have the capability to experience “real” life. The need for drugs and alcohol will diminish and love and honesty will surface more often.

It broke my heart to hear about someone losing their life to these substances. My love and support is raining down (in skittles – lol) to the ones effected by this situation. I hope by encouraging people to investigate the peace and love (among many other feelings) you can experience when understanding the principals metaphysics can bring oneself.

Good online resources are on youtube if you watch people like;
Wayne Dyer
Gregg Brayden
Louise Hay

Just to name a few. Check out there teachings and be inspired.




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