My cries to work with todays youth


When I was 5 years old I was driving with my parents past a bunch of statues that had no clothes on. I found this quite repulsive as a little lady, seeing as how you could see the private parts on the statues clearly outlined. I was also very creative as a little one and with my fashion-designer instincts (yes all my barbies rocked the latest “Marina Couture” handcrafted with paper, glitter, and crayons by yours truly) I figured I would put clothes on these naked hoodlums. I expressed my disgust to my family, and they encouraged me to write a letter to the local politicians. I was 5 AND I DID IT. No response….I didn’t give up trying to save the world. I even used to collect worms in the basket of my tricycle when it would rain because I didn’t want them to die.  As a 5 year-old, this is your mentality of saving the world.

Baby Marina

Years moved on and I got involved in every way I knew how; being the leader of a team of students, who were part of a project that ran the duration of the school year, aimed at making the school “greener”. We organized and managed recycling bins encouraging fellow students to use “eco-friendly” products and recycle. I cared about the future of this world. When I got into Junior High I became a “Junior Leader” to the younger students – this was a role where you would act as a counselor and  teach students to become optimal problem solvers when dealing with each other. I also acted as an “eye in the sky” by monitoring the younger children at recess. I was encouraging love through these processes.

In high school I used to inform my classmates about issues that were effecting the youth – eating disorders, teen suicides, drugs/alcohol use, bullying, ect. I posted articles about these issues all over my room to remind me to be aware and keep my desire to make a change in action. There wasn’t any student organizations within the school that were willing to form to inform. Heartbreaking – It was almost as if the teachers were trying to protect us from knowing about these things, even though they were issues that were valid and very much happening closer to home then they lead us to believe.  I still kept the articles on my wall – I called it my “wall of hope” because every time I looked at it, it reminded me to keep going. The hope was in my heart, radiating in my eyes, and driving my soul.

How was I going to change the world? I never gave up on my dream of helping others, but at 15 I left public school to take on a more adult role in society. I joined the workforce and began taking alternative schooling at night. I made this decision based on the inability to relate to teens at my age, and felt strongly that being around like-minded individuals would help me graduate sooner, so I could start impacting society sooner.  I was wrong, but I never regret that decision. It was through a long distance move my family made, where I was unable to attend alternative schooling and was placed back into high school.And let me tell you, it was the worst situation of my life.

I was bullied, abused, and a victim of extreme racial slander. It didn’t make sense to me, all I had to do was NOT say a word and walk into class without knowing a third of these people and them knowing “exactly” who I was (complete judgment and false reality) and what my story was. They didn’t even take the chance to know me, I sat beside some girls boyfriend of the bus one day and he asked me for my number, I had no friends and I thought he was just being friendly – he was polite. My mind couldn’t even comprehend the evil behind this boy talking to me – I didn’t even know he had a crazy girlfriend. Wow did that ever backfire and I couldn’t take the torment, taunting, and abuse any further. It got to the point where it wasn’t even safe for me to change classes by myself. I had to be escorted by school security and sometimes the teacher would keep me after class until the halls cleared out. They did nothing to save me. They didn’t care. These evil girls created a monster out of me, and I didn’t even know half of them, had never even talked to them in my life, or even looked at them. I still don’t comprehend jealousy and why they were so mad that I gave my number to *evildoer*(guy with crazy girlfriend on bus) It got too much one day after one girl I considered my friend told me that the toughest girl in school was looking for me (she must have been extremely bored, I didn’t even talk to these people or know them in ANY way, I was new in town and didn’t even have a chance to say “boo” and already there was a whole time line of events named after “Marina”) I guess this girl rounded up a whole gang of girls and they were going to beat me up. The teacher found out and they escorted me abruptly to the office. Where as I was talking to the principal about the abuse I was facing he asked that I move my chair so that she couldn’t see me sitting in here – I take it even he was afraid. HOW PATHETIC and AWFUL is that for a 16 year old girl to face in a new place!? That experience was horrible – I had to leave school and I started working full time, then word got out and even my workplace wasn’t a safe place anymore. I got rushed one day from a mob of 30 girls, and within 24 hours I was on a plane back home. So from not being able to go to school to work, it eventually came down to me moving back to where I came from over 60,000 miles away from my parents, to sleep on a couch at my former best friends house.

I never finished high school early like I have planned. I never had enough money I planned to go towards my project. Everything I had was lost in translation and in the moving I did.Nothing.Nada. I was heartbroken and lost, but I still tried to keep my desire for change  alive by helping those close and far away from me. I never gave up. It took me 7 years in a complete transition before I made the official LOVE MOVE.

It was through heartbreak and dis-function that led me here – to Montreal. Friends that turned their backs on me, a man that changed for the worst, and life at a complete negative standstill. It took me a year in therapy to be strong enough to leave the wounds to heal. Here I am.

I arrived in at 3015 Sherbrooke on May 15th 2009. Two suitcases, a broken heart, enough money to last a few weeks, and the thought in my head that this will be the 30th time I have moved in my life.

On the set of Carerra

I am qualified to work many jobs, whether it be in the entertainment industry, service industry, or natural health industry. Nobody wanted me I felt, the search was a failure. Rejection left right and center, WHY? because god had different plans for me I guess. That’s when I decided to create a project I call LOVE MOVEMENT after all the moves I have made in my life for the sake of love. There are two sides of LM, one being my passion of dancing and performing and my career in natural well-being to society. Love Movement Entertainment hit the ground running where my first appearance with my project was in Karl Wolf’s music video for his hit song “Carerra.” I have done 5 music videos since and performed with many accredited artists and Dj’s. I teamed up with my agency to create “Love Movement Events” which promotes love and disco, and above that UNITY. I think everyone should get together and have a good time naturally. The night life has turned into such garbage in my opinion, it used to be about the disco, and somewhere not that long ago the disco was left behind and it became about FAKE extremely fake superficial means in life. Our first party was this past April at the infamous Moomba Supperclub entitled “Fashion, Love, & Disco”. We want to continue throwing events, but lack of time is a huge crippling factor.

As an artist we “starve” from gig to gig, meaning sometimes we go a long time before we see enough money to survive. It gets extremely difficult for me at times but I keep my heart true and I stay humble and thankful for everything god gives me. There was a time (and this time revisits sometimes) when I have to scramble around trying to find enough money to take the bus. But these challenging times keep me focused and pro-active. I once sold roses in the Old port with positive messages attached to them to raise money for my project and help me survive. It was tough walking around getting turned down, but the few people that took the time and supported made those people who turned me down,  disappear in my mindset. I kept going. But eventually that project ran its course and it was time for me to do something new, I was tired of my heart feeling black and blue – beat up from an industry (entertainment side of things) that doesn’t understand and recognize TRUE.

I decided to shift my focus, I’ve been busy for a few months now working away with my friend and brother (from another mother) M.O.E C.A.S.H = Man of entity calling all spiritual humanity (Moe don’t kick my ass if this is wrong, I can’t find your business card – Its probably framed somewhere in my room…ummm..that.I.can’t.see -LOL) We are now a team where we have been working hard at creating material to make people to wake up and realize whats really important in life and how to live life more peacefully. Moe is like myself where he carries many titles, although they all fit him best I chose “humanitarian”, just so we can match. We share similar views on what our ideals of a heaven on earth looks like and how we can achieve it. Now we’ve got our wheels burning and we are moving the Love Movement into high gear.

We have reached an agreement that we would like to start doing work with the youth. Since they ARE today’s future. I’m not going to reveal the idea yet, as I don’t want to jinx anything. But it is my cry to work with the younger generation. I look at my past and the way I was aware of these issues but remained helpless on some serious topics and also was victimized. If these bullies had a positive influence in their lives maybe those awful experiences never would have happened to me. I want to prevent seeing all these awful things happening with teens. Broken teens grow into broken adults, who create broken civilization.


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