Chomp on this

Have you ever thought about the statement “You are what you eat”? Have you ever thought about the truth behind this statement? A lot of people living in today’s society don’t understand the relevance behind it at all. But what if I told you that it is 100% Truth. THINK ABOUT IT. Your body is like a car in comparison, what happens to a car if the wrong fuel is placed into it? it will run poorly and eventually breakdown. The human body is no different.

Its not a coincidence that with all the additives, preservatives, and chemicals that are in foods (not to mention produce that has pesticides and awful chemicals added into them to make them more “attractive”. It reminds me of the steroid monkey on the beach – SO passe. ) that many of us are overweight, on meds, and battling life-threatening diseases. Look at the American population. Look at what a lot of them eat. Convenience foods – pop, chips, burger, fries, hotdogs,….enough to make me want to gag. How is any of that healthy? High blood pressure, cholesterol problems – OBESITY. It doesn’t surprise me at all….

The truth is your state of health is linked directly to what you are putting in your mouth. THINK ABOUT IT. A good way to look at it is, look at wild animals in nature? Do you ever see an overweight Lion, Tiger, or antelope? I think not. Its because they are eating in perfect harmony with their bodies, they eat organic and natural.Babies are great examples too, Its not until babies come in contact with food additives, salt, and sugar that they become addicted to the wrong things for their bodies.

Humans unfortunately are chocked full of “ideals” about what is healthy and have ran so far away from how they should be eating. Lets get back to the basics here people!!!  Stop feeding your minds (with all these evil packaged foods) and fake produce and start feeding every ounce of your being with how you were supposed to eat.  EAT REAL.

Within the past month I have embraced eating a raw food diet. This change doesn’t happen over night as there is a lot to learn when opting for more raw foods (there is also a lot of substitutions and eliminations).  I have slowly started incorporating these methods into my fast-paced lifestyle, and let me tell you I feel incredible! I have more energy, its because of this energy that I’m pushing further in my training.

There is a lot more I can go into detail about but I’m going to leave that up to the group of experts who created this webpage;

Everything you need to know when going raw and beyond! It even has a list of substitutions and how to handle social situations as a raw foodist!

Check it out!! THINK ABOUT IT!………and in this case Your body will THANK you!!!


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