Love C*A*N*D*Y


I LOVE seeing artists with purposeful projects, I love it so much I had to spontaneously write about it.The media as a very valuable and “godly” source to many,  since more and more people are sitting in front of their T.V, caring more about goes on in the lives of celebrities than themselves. It brings peace and joy to my heart that there are celebs out there working on the greater good. It really, really makes me beyond over joyed. This is something the world needs now PURPOSEFUL people of recognition instead of USELESS people…*cough**choke**sneeze**puke*….lady caca…… How that THING has so many fans I dont get it, but I’m not feeding anymore energy, whether it is good or bad, into talking about THAT.

Has anyone here heard of Kimberly Wyatt? You may, or may not remember her from the group “Pussycat Dolls”, but it appears that now she has started doing more solo gigs. In my opinion I have never liked the Pussycat dolls, and I could care less about their mainstream music with its catchy lyrics and half naked, sexually suggestive dance performances (although their dancing was quite creative and these ladies are beautiful and could sing – I will give them that).

I was looking at an offer I received today, and randomly stumbled on her latest video entitled “Candy” where she teams up with U.K sensation Aggro Santos. The super sexy video and dance-worthy electro beat got me moving! YES! Physically and mentally. I started to dance and when the song was finished I did a bit of research on who this vixen was.

So what is it that this super sexy star, who is “not just a doll” doing? I’m sure many projects in the making since that’s the life of an artist! But aside from that, this is what I found today that made me want to write an article on her. Its a web page she created called “Beautiful Movements” ( To quote from her web site: is a place for self-expression where people listen, relate, and learn about self worth. Together we encourage growth through love, compassion, and positive action. Through poetry, song, art, dance, and ultimately being self-expressed we open ourselves to a world of possibilities. Nobody on this Earth can make you happy but yourself. So dive into a journey of self-discovery and be the change you wish to see in the world.”

The website has many features, including a store where you can buy organic fashions, modeled by Kimberly herself! How I LOVE seeing organic products in the more mainstream world. Hopefully the lost population who thinks I am crazy, will start to see the importance of organics, after seeing the celebrities using them. Since a lot of these so to speak lost people

…….and how I could not agree more with the statement “be the change you wish to see in the world.” Words can honestly not express how much I LOVE hearing that! Especially from someone of quality and caliber.



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