Proceed with Caution

The next subject I am going to put my “two cents” towards is something I think about fairly regularly, and wonder if others do the same?It something touchy and can be heavily misinterpreted if not read properly. I want you to know that my aim with this blog is to NOT offend people but to make them THINK. I want my reader to understand that I’m coming from a place of thought and enlightenment, this blog has nothing to do with insulting someone or picking on a certain group or person. Its MY OPINION, now while others may share a different view, as you are entitled to, I ENCOURAGE you to read between the lines with me and for this entry in specific please proceed with caution….

What comes to mind when you think of the expression “White People”? Are you thinking about a person from the Caucasian race? Or are you thinking or someone who is literally blanc inside and outside? For me the term “white people” is NOT that of the Caucasian race, but of an attitude, a way of being.

To me it is someone who lacks substance, and by substance I mean values. It is someone who is very ill-mannered, self-centered, and materialistic. Someone who cares about things that have no meaning, because they themselves have no meaning. It’s unfortunate I speak of humanity in such ways, but its important to make this term known and properly used by those who care about me and the movement I am trying to create.

People generally of the new world tend to lack substance – and I’m not saying ALL of them, I am saying SOME. Have you looked around North America (and the world for that matter) lately and seen how many Hollywood obsessed people there are!? Have you looked around your neighborhood high school and seen what it is the teenagers in there care about so much. Have you been to a nightclub and seen just how superficial and unreal the environment really is!? Its not up to us to judge these people and put them down, but its up to us to be aware as a group and strive to educate these people, and pray for their senses. Get back to whats important in life people!!! your material and superficial ways wont go with you to the grave nor with they help cultivate many to attend your funeral. REAL LIFE is important. Family. Friends. Community. Nature. Love. Truth…… None of that superficial stuff is important, not in any way shape or form.

The term white people should be used with care. It doesn’t mean someone of the Caucasian race, it means someone who lacks substance. They are blanc people, nothing inside, no substance. I am trying to encourage people to see others as HUMANS first and foremost regardless of skin color. I believe there are too many problems caused from racially segregating yourself and not mingling in the beauty god created in every race around you. SO PLEASE Make your judgments with care on others, pray for their enlightenment, and move on. You can change the world by wishing love and peace upon lost souls. Negative emotions caused from misunderstanding only fuel the negative fire. Send love to everything misunderstood.

Proceed with caution..LOL



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