The Love Spread

Please step out of the system. It does NOT have your best interest at heart.

YOU have your best interest at heart.

You think this government has done anything truthful or positive for you? What about the healthcare system? How is THAT considered CARE? These doctors treating symptoms, creating “band-aids” instead of pulling the problems out by the root. I could go on and on and on. Its nothing but lies, all at your expense. They are enslaving you, poisoning you, putting you in massive debt, and ruining your ability to enjoy real life.

What is REAL life?

To enjoy nature for all the mystery and beauty it was created for. You can feel love in nature. Often people in society need material to feel that. Love IS NOT material. Its energy. Feel the energy around you. Awaken yourself to FEEL. So many numb people who have been robbed of their abilities to enjoy life for what it was created for. Get back to the basics. Stop trusting the system that enslaves you. Trust yourself. YOURSELF.

Chem Trails, harmful additives in food, and fluoride in our drinking water. You are being turned into an apathetic being just by being alive, and that’s whats I call “forcefully medicated.” The air you are breathing, the food you are eating, the water you are drinking all for the sake of life -POISON. I encourage you to support local organic farmers, use a filter on your water, and get into nature that has many trees and plants that cleans the air.  Anything regulated by the government really isn’t as safe as you are lead to believe. DO YOUR RESEARCH PEOPLE. You can go on You Tube and look up people like David Icke and Jessica Schab, they have very valid and informative points.

Do your homework so you know how to live life according to you. Not by others ideals. Be responsible for your feelings, as your feelings create your experiences. This is the truth.



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