The Venting Article…

Recently I was attacked by someone. I was called awful names, and told that what I do doesn’t make a difference. Then this person tried to make themselves look better than me by saying they donate money to hospitals and tha’ts what makes them a good person. Is that they donate there money to hospitals!!????? slamming me because I reach out to others through the biggest social tool in the world – the internet!!!???????


Is it really true that society is  rejecting free advice and words of encourgament, enlightmenment, and love and embracing the material aspects instead? REALLY. I hope that people are smart enough to understand that donating your money to a hospital/charity in my opinion is not the definition of truly helping others.  Reason being – society has donated SO MUCH of their money to hospitals in attempts to make a change, where exactly do you see your donation working for you!? So really!? This really makes you a good person!? Listen here – Donating money is EASY, using your minds, soul, and hands to craft something to better someone else is not.  I dont have money to give away – this doesn’t make me less of a person does it? I give away my love, comfort, and help to the WHOLE WORLD on the internet. This is what I can do right now. When I do have money I will have my own practice where I can actually see people face to face and heal them with my knowledge in natural remedies, ect. But in the time being this is the best I can do. I believe I reach further and farther by offering my help on the internet rather than just locally throwing my money at a hospital.Because I can SEE what I am doing. The people I am helping are coming back to me with nothing but beautiful things to say. Can you see what your money is doing? Really? Does your money come back and TELL you that it fed someone? REALLY!!!??

Why has society given so much to charities and hospitals? and think that excuses them and makes them a good person. That’s so far from the truth it really blows my mind.  I think giving money directly to someone who really needs it means a lot more. I understand that by donating to a hospital or charity people think that they are helping groups of people, but why assume that people? YOU DONT EVEN KNOW WHERE YOUR MONEY IS GOING? and as for hospitals they really don’t help anyone – when was the last time you heard something amazing come out of a hospital!??? other than the long wait times, the sick people, and the lack of communication when requesting the status of your loved one. I watched 2 of my relatives die because they were left to the hands of doctors. I respect the medical system for certain things, but COME ON PEOPLE. I cant stress it to you enough, the majority of doctors are paid by pharmaceutical companies, and act as a sales person more than someone who can help you. Sorry to get off topic but I really want the world to know that you cannot trust a lot of the health system/hospitals/doctors.

So when this person came at me and was trying to throw darkness at my bright golden light – by saying they are making a bigger impact than me because they give money to hospitals I couldn’t agree LESS. Good for you, I am happy for you for trying to make a change, really I am. I embrace people that are trying to help others, but donating money is (in my opinion) the lazy way of helping out. You in fact are doing nothing other than putting a dollar bill in someone else’s hands. A stranger who you dont even know, who knows where your money will go…think about it.

The point I am trying to make other than to vent something out is I really want you to use your head people! I think helping people directly rather than throwing your money around where you cant see where its going or the help you are giving is what makes the biggest difference here. For me, I need to SEE the impact. I need to SEE the change to know that I am helping. To me its not a competition – that competitive nature is ran by the ego and I don’t embrace that feeling – when it comes around I send it packing so fast, its almost like it didn’t even exist to begin with. Its about working TO-GETHER to enrich the lives in and around you. There are power in numbers and a true person who really understands LOVE at the end of the day will embrace working together with someone because they understand that when you work as a team bigger goals can be reached.  THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE.



One thought on “The Venting Article…

  1. well said sister! Let the TRUTH be told. I agree with you 100% on all! yes we should ALL work To-gether as one!

    thanks 4 sharing!
    ❤ Carmel

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