The Loveless world….

I want to feel the love and not only from above

I cant even begin to imagine that you will be able to understand the amount of pain within my heart at this moment in time.I came here to escape the nightmare around me, only to have another nightmare surround me. My time here is completely done. You might wonder what it is I am running from? There’s more to it than words can amount too. I see everything so clearly. People are so out of touch with feelings that they don’t even know what REAL feelings are.  It hurts a lot knowing you were in love with someone that has absolutely no grasp on what a REAL relationship is. These people where do they come from? I dont understand, how did they forget so quickly what real life is. How was it so easy to forget? They’ve made the whole world give them a bad reputation you know. As selfish, dirty, and blind humans….Do you know who I am talking about?

I don’t understand. The things that have happened to me in my life that caused pain my heart from humans, I never inflicted that on someone else, therefore I cant even begin to understand what drives people to be so cold.  Where were they taught these kinds of things? Are parents really raising their children to be numb? Whats going on here? I’m so upset and confused, and I have no shame in expressing myself – people are afriad to express themselves. Why?These people who have lost touch with community, tradition, and religion that was taught from them from the beginning of their existence is becoming LOST as the times change. people are really LOSING IT. “IT” meaning love for oneself and love for others…

Is it true that when people leave the soil they were born from and move to another place they lose most of there culture and values? I see whats happening here.  Of course you will lose your mother tongue, but why do you have to lose moral and values!? People wake up. I’m living in a loveless world and its not fair. Today my dreams are officially crushed and I’m 60,000 miles away from anyone who really knows what horror my life has dictated.  I’m living in a loveless world. God direct me to where the love is…. InshAllah because all my efforts to make a difference in others lives has not came back to me. I suffer so much, and I’m tired.  I see the simplicity of life. But now I need to feel love. Real sincere love. I’m living in a loveless world and its not fair. The ideals of what love is in this society is not fair. I suffer so much every day because of this lack of love. Its like a die hard employee who never gets paid. Im exausted. If what I say really makes a difference to you, let it be known, get loud so my heart can feel it. Nobody should feel what I feel on a consistant basis, not at 24 years, and not ever.

Truth has been delivered.



One thought on “The Loveless world….

  1. Mimi!
    I feel your pain as that entire thread felt like what I am currently going through. LOVE has lost its true meaning and I have sadly surrounded myself with these creatures. You have opened my eyes to look at people and really what they are all about. I now pray my only child Brendan will learn to embrace his emotions and not to be afraid of them. LOVE is hard to recognize when in pain.

    You have made a huge difference in my life.

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