Looking back looking forward

The title comes from one of my best friends Ginna or “Geeeeegigi” as I call her. (For those who know me well I have silly nicknames for those who I hold close to me) Ginna and I have similar life experiences and we are learning a lot about love and life from one another and recently we both experienced something rather heart-wrenching that made us both come to a simple realization about humans affected by the ego.

Have you ever had an honest situation where a friend was being difficult to you? We’ve all been there, even with our purest intentions. If someone is not aligned with the love in their hearts, listening closely to their ego, they will never see eye-to-eye with someone coming from a place of love. Often us love crusaders get heartbroken, and we look in the mirror and wonder whats wrong with ourselves, when really the problem is not us – but that of our friend who has been drowned in their ego.  These people are great at manipulating our minds to make us believe that we are the awful situation – believe NOT. Its a relfection of how that person feels inside. They will often stop at nothing to make you feel lower than hell. Believe them not. Be aware, open your eyes to their ego. If you truly come from a place of love, shine your white light and drown this person in love. There are two sources for all emotions: LOVE & FEAR. Study them both and understand the truth behind the healing powers love has to bring humanity. Acceptance.Forgiveness.Love.

LOOKING BACK LOOKING FORWARD – By my dearest friend Geeegigi *Ahemmmm* I mean GINNA.

I had a great conversation last night reminding me that I deserve happiness now and not later.  I looked back at my day of frustration and hurt and realized that she is right, why waste my heart on this evil, it has been taken my attention away from the true things that matter in life and one of them being my little boy.  Even though he is no longer little (he is 10) he is my true joy being seen by the world.

Now that I have inherited becoming a Love Crusader I am sharing my thoughts to help guide your mind and help you recognize how true Love can really feel.  I have noticed in the past the reason why I disliked Valentine’s Day so much, it all felt fake.  It was a day that society told us this is how you show love through, flowers, candy, dinner.. the works, and the world ate it up.  I never wanted someone doing these things because he felt obligated in doing so, I wanted someone to show me how he truly felt on a daily basis.  And did this happen, never…. Not once did Love come in spontaneous combustions but in technical error, and this feeling left me bitter and angry at Love itself.

Where did this anger come from and how did I handle it?  I never did do anything, I accepted this anger as part of me not noticing it was growing, poisoning my mind/body & soul from feeling true happiness & joy, and I turned into someone that acted evil.  Turning a blind eye to my negative energy I kept going living day to day but finding ways that Love would come into my life and the more I felt it didn’t the more disappointed I became.  But what I was missing was my way to accept Love and when it did happen I never recognized it.  What a terrible feeling, not knowing Love, but it happens to us all, it happened to me.  Now I am FINALLY realizing these positive emotions that I had hidden within me and came up front and personal with all my demons from the past because if I didn’t face them they would still be there.  It was a difficult process and I am still not finished facing all of them, but I am NOT giving up.    Being able to have Faith helps you heal and brings back your will to Love.

I am building the Love Movement in western Canada, reaching out to all, they can pretend not to hear me but my message will linger in their minds, conquer their hearts and rejuvenate their soul!!!

I Just wanted to add that I am so proud of Ginna for the progress she has made over the past 2 weeks. I am so proud to see my friend become a butterfly, flying into the world..when LOVE takes over. Love of life. Keep it REAL Ginna, my love crusader!!!

xoxoxo Marina Love Movement


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