SHARING from a place of KNOWING

Its been a long journey in my life to self-realization and self-healing. It wasn’t until I cut out traditional methods and conditioned ideals of going to a doctor or a psychologist to regain my mental and physical health. I’m so thankful of the pain I went through everyday of my life, because without this pain I never would have encountered the beautiful knowledge and understanding I have today of well-being. This is why I went to further my knowledge and study holistic nutrition and quantum biofeedback.  I am living proof that what you eat has everything to do with your state of health, combined with your energy.

THINK ABOUT THIS. Food that is uncooked and not dead is ALIVE, therefore is carries a HIGH VIBRATION. The statement “you are what you eat” is very very true indeed. Think of yourself as a car, if you put the wrong fuel into a car what happens to that car!? It either breaks down or cannot run efficiently. Aside from your body being human and a car being mechanical, the same principal applies. Now think about this – Do you think cancer is developed from the air, food, and products you use or do you think it is something that just happens? NO. NO. NO. People these health problems including cancer are NOT just happening. You are causing them yourself by not eating the right food, and using chemical free products in on your body and in your home. THINK ABOUT IT, and think about it good.

Ever since I became a Rawfoodist, I can’t begin to tell you the “Miracles” that are happening in regards to my well-being.  My skin glows, my nails are super strong, my energy levels are up, and I overall feel AMAY-ZING! REALLY. Food tastes incredible in its natural form, people are really missing out on the beautiful aromas when they kill their food. ..they are also missing out on the amazing health and mental clarity they will receive when they go raw.

Why do YOU eat? Are you eating to nourish your body, mind and soul? Or are you just hungry and eating blindly not caring about what you put into your body because “it tastes good”? People need to re-evaluate and question why they eat. They need to start recognizing the therapeutic benefits of eating high vibrational food. I’m simply sharing this from a place of knowing…. The transformation my mind, body, and soul took after I starting feeding my body with LOVE….I am now awake, aware, and alive by simple eating that way! I encourage everyone to research raw food diets and start eating more raw more often. Trust me, there are so many incredible, fun, and flavorful recipes out there – even better than cooked, dead, low vibrational food!!!!!



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