Do you ever lay awake searching for your answers? Then are soon to realize that fear has taken over your mind – clouded your thoughts and prevented you from seeing truth? It happened to me just now. Maybe its a sign but whenever in doubt, I write…..

So here it goes for my mind ramble for today. I am very happy with the results of the event me and my partner Suzy did over this past weekend. It was for an event thrown by Madflower creative and the Chicago chophouse. The crowd was classy, the music was amazing, and the venue was decked out in style for the event. Not bad Calgary, not bad at all. I boycotted the idea of you long ago after you disappointed me through and through, but lately there seems to be a new “swagger” running the scene and putting together classy and high end events that appeal to the luxurious/glam crowd.

It went together so smoothly in such a short amount of time. The styling was fabulous, big up to Holly Allen at Chichi couture who put together disco glam outfits for us with such grace. Also to Michella Klyne for doing such a well executed and fabulous job  on make-up for both me and Suzy, the compliments we received that night were countless thanks to you both!

Suzy and I rocked the set and of course hypnotized the crowd with our mesmerizing movements. LOVE YOU SUZY – you make “Love mama” so proud you have no idea. You just “get it”…I love that you need no direction at all you just KNOW what you are doing. I can tell when she dances it does something to her, as it does something to me. Its unity that uplifting disco/house/electro/trance does to people. It brings people together and it makes their soulshine, its very high vibrational music. Unlike other genres that I wont mention on here.

Everything I do in life must serve a divine purpose, I cannot do something just to do it – everything must have spiritual backing. Dancing connects you to the root chakra, brings your mood up, unifies its audience, and spreads love. This is why I can’t stop dancing…. and I wont stop dancing.

My increased awareness to knowledge is to serve humanity better. My increased demand for knowledge in life is to serve humanity..nothing I do is for nothing, its all for something. I came from humble beginnings where I work very hard for everything I have ever accomplished in this world. Nothing was handed to me on a silver platter, except the ability to love and be loved.


Suzy and I before “Eyes Wide Shut” this past weekend

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