The TRUTH about charities….

So here you go again throwing your hard earned money away again. This time its to a “cause”, one of those charities that makes you feel good because you THINK you are doing the right thing. Well I would like you to think again about your actions, and I really encourage you to do so.

Don’t you think by now that the billions and billions of dollars that have been raised in the past have actually created the cure or proper measures to take better care of the suffering. If that was a case then why is it that every year we are still throwing our money left right and center to different “charities”?…all I have to say is how blind do you really have to be to see that these humongous fundraiser events take a very small percentage of the actual funds raised and put it towards making a difference!!!? Maybe 10% of what was actually raised will go to the cause, and that cause is often research and development of pharmaceuticals which in turn are crippling you more, as they treat symptoms (and cause about 15 other more problems on the way) So if we are throwing money away to treat symptoms – then how is a cure ever going to be found? Do you see the vicious money-trapping, health-detrimental cycle that they have going on here!?

Why is humanity so distracted by the charity and being a “do-gooder” in itself that they ARE NOT questioning where the money is going, and how their money can help? Question these huge charitable organizations. QUESTION not only how your money helps but WHAT PERCENTAGE of your donation is actually going towards the cause. From my observation these charities make TRILLIONS, BILLIONS, and MILLIONS, maybe 10% is going towards helping the actual cause after the charity takes the majority to pay itself. Then after that your money normally funds DRUG research and development. So if you are on the natural health boat and you turn yourself into a pirate ship ready to highjack the health system boat then the answer is so simple – STOP DONATING YOUR MONEY TO CHARITIES.

If you want to make a difference in this world, find a way to shine your light to positively benefit humanity. Maybe you are a singer – then go out there are write some uplifting positive music to inspire others with, maybe you are a artist- go paint uplifting positive messages, maybe you are a dancer like me -dance to create awareness, maybe you are a speaking – organize a conference about something positive and real, the list goes on. I hope you understand what I mean. Make a difference by using your talents and gifts, and reach out to others that you see can make a huge difference, but they need help. Spread the wealth around to those who really need it the most who you see everyday, stop contributing to the pharmaceutical companies. STOP IT. Start with making a difference around you, start with those you love, and work outwards on a larger scale.

Before you go questioning me about why I have a “donation”link in my blog the answer is so simple. I’m an independent healer. I refuse to work for a greedy, egotistical organization that does not embrace, empower, positively progress, and benefit its employees. This is a one woman venture. Currently I am asking for funding so I can buy my biofeedback device so I can heal/balance the world – one person at a time. I am currently feeding the greedy system working as much as I can for various companies. I am also working as an artistic director/lead dancer for my Entertainment company. As an artist and contract employee – money doesn’t come easily. If you want to support a very good cause support me – the Love Movement which enables me to shine the light in the dark and help the suffering even further than what I am doing right now with my beautiful advice/opinions to get you all thinking. I want you to consider that. Get me to do a lifestyle assessment for you, this helps you and helps me!  There are so many other natural health specialists/practitioners out there suffering immensely because people are too busy supporting these systematic charities (or “robberies”as I call them) to even turn their blind eye over to individuals or smaller groups who are supporting REAL and ABUNDANT forms of cause where you can actually see results. The truth of the matter is out of all the years you have donated your money to breast cancer, aids, heart and stoke, ect……then why are there so many damn crippling pharmaceuticals in their favor and not a CURE? You have all been foolishly lied to. PLEASE WAKE UP.


One thought on “The TRUTH about charities….

  1. I lovd this. Charities are so greedy. I need some help, please can you help me, i feel so stuck in ascension symptoms. I feel like an old biddy with lower back pain, chest pain (which only affected me xmas day), and a lot of fatigue. Do you know how i can help myself. Its like my body is rebelling against all control and routine, yet we are still forced to bring in money cos of this corrupt world we live in. Please help?? Wishing you a lovely jubbly and prosperous christmas

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