The New Year


I have been a bit neglectful of my blog lately and I apologize to my valuable readers. I am preparing for the bigger picture over on my end. The studying, research, and educating process, is never ending never stopping and is one of my top priorities in life.  I’m doing this out of the pure goodness of my heart to bring forth the new world of health, abundance and overall unbreakable self love that we will develop together through this journey. I am manifesting the ability to have the strongest, current, and relevant information to provide to you all, that you can enrich your lives with. I hope you are all patient in this process and are just as excited as I am about the journey ahead!

I believe that the New Year means closure of the old year and a fresh start to the the new one. This term is often common sense, but a lot of people regard it differently. Take it how you please but I’m recommending that you make it an effort to focus on the NOW, it has so much power that we are often forgetful of. People worry and focus in the past too much (including myself who has a terrible habit of thinking about previous heart breaks and misfortunes which attracts more of that my way) *remember* whatever you put your focus on you create more of. If you focus on the pains and irritations of the past – you shall expect to receive more of that. If you focus on the uncertainty of the future – expect the waves of confusion to crash you down. The only option at this time is NOW. breathing and living for this second – as positively as possible.

Our main priority now needs to be controlling our thoughts. Now while outside factors may influence your thoughts, you have to remind yourself and be aware that you are the steering wheel in your life – your thoughts, your beliefs, everything – is yours. You have complete control, no matter what anyone has told you in the past. You have complete control, and because your thoughts are so powerful – be very aware of controlling them and making a conscious effort of making them the best thoughts EVER!

We are coming closer and closer to the “Cardiozoic Age” where people are awakening to saving ourselves and the planet. You may have noticed it already that there seems to be more mystical, spiritual, and divine experiences in your life. This is all for a cosmic reason. Please involve yourself in the 2012 shift – the Cardiozoic age, the age of Aquarius, the age of L*O*V*E and L*I*G*H*T.

As my favorite educator David Wolfe says “make this the best day ever!” Together with our positive thoughts which turn into our actions I truly believe we can make this world a more divine place – like a heaven on earth. I love you all very much, even if you don’t love me back – Its not what I’m looking for. I look for nothing but truth…but through love comes inspirations, and through these inspirations I see the bigger, greater, colorful divine world – T*R*U*T*H. Its amazing what forgiveness and radiating love on a consistent basis can do for someone.



One thought on “The New Year

  1. After reading this I feel energized knowing my focus is getting back on track. Please keep writing the truth as it reaches people in way that they cannot wonder, the mysteries in life can either shape us or tear us apart, but its through our faith and knowing “the Truth” can we only rise above!

    Much love to you and everyone you have touched!

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