Overwhelming positive vibrations rock the nation

Yesterday (Jan 2,2011) my enlightened crew and myself went to Banff to hit up the hot springs. We are all part of humanity that sees the bigger picture, we are a lot less human and more spiritual. We often see beyond things and can clearly define the deeper meaning into everyday circumstances and situations. This  comes from our fierce desire to learn about the true foundations of the universe and to understand what we are all here for. We live our lives on the principal that we are all ONE and that our thoughts, actions, and feelings must always be from the heart, genuine, and real. Its our mission to get everyone to understand these simple principals. Love people! Because honestly that’s all there is.

We observed many energetic proof taking place. We noticed that in the most crowded springs that there was an empty circle of free space in front of us. This remained consistent throughout our time there. To test this principal Mustafa and myself went to different areas of the springs, and sure enough everywhere we went there were people clearing out and moving away from us, to form those large empty circles around us. I think its possible that our energies of the 4 of us together was really over whelming to those who  are not radiating that much love energy. We are very sensitive to energies, and people over look the fact that they can sense one another. The amount of free space around us was unusual for that kind of jammed packed place – this is why something became really evident to us about there being an overwhelming amount of positive energy being transmitted from us.

Its symbolic in a way – people tend to run from things like truth and love. This is what separates us. Its those who are real and honest inside of their soul – yet the public looks too much on their outside and unable to feel the energy that person radiates. Feel the love from one another, even if its a stranger. Nobody is a stranger in this world and we are definitely not alone.  The message is evident where you cannot trust what anyone says or what that person says – its about what they are radiating. their energy holds the truth. Energy cannot lie. Energy is the truth. Get in touch with your energy and learn to develop your intuition and you will experience life the way nature intended. Get into your soul and heart, everyone is divine and was made to shine!



One thought on “Overwhelming positive vibrations rock the nation

  1. I loved that day, it truly helped me to STAY in touch with both my feelings & energy. Even though I was quieter than usual I had an overwhelming experience that I needed to make sure I took in everything. I also noticed how wonderful everyone got along and how we all felt the LOVE within ourselves and that radiated to the outside world, it was magical.

    This retreat really should be done more often as it is good for the soul. Not just for us but for everyone out there seeking what we are preaching!!


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