I believe because I know that god created the world perfectly. He provided us with resources to life the life we needed to live. It wasn’t until the ego of man came in and destroyed the purity of the land and soil for the sake of money and greed that this world began to shift. I am seeing death due to chemical means right now in this world. I am choosing not to absorb or focus too heavily on it, but I am acknowledging its presence. That’s the best we can do as society, is acknowledge everything good and bad, happy and sad. So that we have the ability to know the difference and move past everything. There’s a small storm in my heart right now, for one that used to be emotional but has turned that emotion into an empowering force to help others. Using my pain to gain, doing it the righteous way.

I want the people of the world to snap out of the systematic lives they are in and STOP. Stop trusting their lives in the hands of a system that is designed to fail you. These hospitals have their place for broken limbs and surgeries, but for disease – think about it. the word DIS EASE, your life is not at ease so your brought a dysfunction to your ease. You aren’t just handed a disease it is something you created yourself by poor lifestyle choices and emotions. Reverse those patterns and see results. Naturally.  These pharmaseutical medications are a foreign substance to your body – your body was designed to take on almost anything, but these drugs have no place in your body. God created the world perfect, he put in place beautiful plants, herbs, and foods that can heal us. It wasn’t until the ego of men decided to break down the purity of our land.  Take a second and breathe, get INTO your body.  the only person you can trust in this world is yourself and the ones with meaning in your life will follow.

I used to be in such a dark place (to my readers) you may not see it in me now as I am on an empowering quest. Beauty comes from within girls and boys and it’s only if you extend your arm in service that it will project itself in divine order. I am here to serve and that’s all I want to do in my life. I’m not here to slave away to a corporation who doesn’t care about me. I am here to serve the people of society who need me, I don’t care if I see 1 million dollars in this lifetime because the biggest payout in life is when people come to me and hug me and say thanks for adding value to my life. that is the biggest paycheck of all time. Think about it.

Make your life mission something of value to those around you. As a performer I decided to walk away from the disco for a little bit to extend my service to those interested in upgrading their health, because I decided this adds more value to the lives of others. I don’t care if you never see my face on MTV again….its not about that for me in this lifetime. I hope if anything, you require my dedication at some point and are not shy to ask for help. I couldn’t be a healer if I didn’t need to be healed myself at one point. I’ve been down the longest, darkest road before, and I know its over now.


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