In Divine Service

Love & Light to you for reading this……..

Over the past couple weeks I have been entering into a transition and I now feel that I am on the tail end of this transition. The lesson was my purpose. I am here in divine service. I don’t care about anything material, superficial, or competitive. The old purpose was entertainment, but I feel my worth is valued more when I can actually give back to someone with advice and help to aid the well-being of society.  I don’t care if I don’t see another set again in my life….It it comes again GREAT – but if it doesn’t, I know I have a more divine job as a light worker.  I can deliver this message anywhere I am in the world. I can help many people with their nutrition and well-being from the WWW, anywhere in the world. Where ever you are – you can contact me.

This is such a beautiful thing and I am so grateful for this. My website is in the construction phase – where nothing is more exciting to me then this right now! This will allow me to practice my JOY mission. The mission in which I am extending my hand in service to anyone and everyone in the world who may be needing my services.  My programs are designed for you by what your body enjoys. There is no sense of lack or deprivation with my care. I have structured everything so that my clients can achieve their nutrition and well-being goals with grace. This changes everything, where it is no longer a challenge to be in good health, but rather do it with grace and happiness. This is the way being in excellent health should be attained, that is one of my principal beliefs with my programs. Another thing that goes hand in hand with that belief is that by following a path of joy and happiness to good health the old miserable habits that no longer serve you can fall away from you naturally. No deprivation, starvation, or feelings of discomfort. You can now glide right to where we emotionally were all intended to be in the first place – healthy, happy, and vibrant.

The website is going to be simply comprehensive – where there we will be a lot of information presented but organized into 3 categories. *LOVE* being where you can find a short bio on me and the services that I offer – and maybe some fun stuff to keep you all entertained along the way. *LIGHT* (to shine your inner light) where I will have an e-store where you can find the most natural and sustainable products on the market today. Since I enjoy teaching people how to resonate with their inner beauty, I am going to start with selling personal care products, since I believe that the chemicals we are putting onto our bodies each day are poisoning us and enslaving our inner beauty. In this section I will also have an education section with resources for learning about everything relevant to my practice, as well as fun videos and guides to keep expanding your mental faculties. This site would not be completely ME if it did not a a *DISCO* section where I am able to compile some of my favorite uplifting and energizing nu disco/disco house music.

I am really excited about the knowledge I can share through this website, as well as the clients and business I will manifest. I truly feel that having been through this transition and now coming out of it I feel more than ever that my purpose is divine service. I am so grateful, excited, and looking forward to having my website so I can extend my services anywhere in the world, to whoever is needing me.  Shining divine rays of light in the dark……..

As your divine servant…….

Marina Love Movement


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