Maybe I’m missing something…..

What is it that I’m missing…? I ask myself. Why is it that in a world gone completely crazy in throwing their hard earned money into senseless and thoughtless causes? What is going on here!? Can I ask that you all wake up and please please PLEASE stop trusting and start QUESTIONING.

You can trust life’s process, there is no doubt about that. I think its important to trust that everything is in a state of perfection. But on the other hand this government, this society, these standards, that charity, those groups, that religion, those speakers. Who is really speaking from the heart is who wins the race in my eyes, but I am afraid many are missing this idea. But perhaps am I missing out on something here?

For example every day I watch hundreds of people donate to this charity that charity, brag about how they gave their money to this hospital or sponsored this child. I think these people should really snap out of it. Do you know where your money is actually going? Out of the millions of dollars raised for cancer, diabetes, heart disease, ect. you’d think they would have a cure by now! But they don’t, and if you do your research on what your money really does, most of the time it is funding research and development of new pharmaseuticals. Yes thats right people you are actually supporting the white coat drug cartell. How come people haven’t figured out by now that this is unacceptable? Using drugs to band-aid and surpress their diseases, rather than working at fixing them themselves.

Our bodies have the divine ability to heal themselves. When we get a cut it bleeds, it scabs, then it heals. The process is no different when you get a disease, but we are not working on a solution when we use pharmaseutical drugs – we are coasting with it, supressing it, depressing ourselves, and causing many other harmful side effects along the way!! WHY ON EARTH IS THIS EVEN ACCEPTIBLE!!!?? Am I missing something here.

These charities you throw your money towards don’t necessarily solve anything. They take a lot for themselves and use the rest (like I mentioned before) to research and develop more drugs to surpress the problem. Why are you doing this with your hard earned money? You are more helpful when you send your sincere positive thoughs, powerful words and intentions over to certain areas. When we strip ourselves down we are energy, that’s all we are. This human body is something borrowed and when the body is gone all thats left is a soul.

Think about it.

This is no longer acceptible donating your money to greedy and useless charities. This is no longer acceptible running to your doctor for every health problem rather than learning a little about how your body works and how to keep it running optimally. All these brainwashing pharma commercials on TV during the most popular programs to make you all think this is acceptible. The poison air freshner commercials, highly processed foods making “healthy”and “organic” claims fooling the blind consumer, unsustainable resources that trash the planet. PLEASE! This is no longer acceptible.

Look at the meltdown of the Fukashima power plant. This is SO UNFORTUNATE that we have these terrible kinds of power even in business, when we have sustainable energy solutions right in our backyard almost. This is enough. Enough is enough, and I am begging you all to do some research. PLEASE.

I just couldn’t hold these emotions in any longer as I do not agree with that action. Self expression is so crucial to healthy survival and I just can’t get past my state of disbelief with the majority these days. Turn your brains on, stop living like robots, and do not trust this system that enslaves you and laughs all the way to the bank with your money. Including these charities. Making a true difference comes from setting the intention within. It all starts within. As within so without…..think about it. Get all the mainstream nonsense out of your system and step into real life.

I can see clearly now that I have radiant raw food energy pumping through my veins. Raw food brings about an increased level of awareness and understanding. The relationship between you and mother earth improves as a result of supporting sustainable agriculture. There is no factory, worker, or greedy mass producing company between you and your food. You grow the food (or in most cases you buy from your local farmers, or organic section of your whole foods market) and you eat it. The intention to eat pure is as pure as the food. You become what you eat. If you want mental clarity and connection to your higher self start with what you are feeding yourself.

Many people around the world are using raw food to correct past health ailments and are winning. This truly is the winning method that we have here. Eating foods in their natural state where all of the nutrients have not been destroyed so you get the most out of what you eat all for the reasons behind WHY you eat. To keep your body and soul nourished.

I ask you to quit placing a blindfold over your eyes when you blindly and robotically do things. Its time to live your joy mission – to have no fear step into the divine light and move ever so drastically into your dreams….

Until next time this has been Marina Love Movement asking you to please…


Todays quote – “Visions of paradise, to manifest the heaven enchanted reality of earth as if we are living it now” – Marina Love Movement


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