What I want you to understand….

Please understand that no matter how much pain you are experiencing at any time in your life that the sun will always rise tomorrow. You can even chose NOW to let the feelings of misery disappear and you can choose to see the sunshine and no more rain. You have that power within you. No material means or person will be able to show you that ability, it’s within you.

It is now Friday in our lives on this day for many of us in the world, and I have had many lessons this week as it wraps up. I spent 4 days grieving the loss of someone very very special, as well as coming to terms with some harsh criticism from friends and family in my path. Now while these experiences hurt me greatly, and it did take me 4 days to snap out of the hurt, 4 days to see the sun within me, 4 days to remove the blindfold and emerge from the darkness. I am thanking the experience with more gratitude than can be expressed in words. This saying has been said many times but it’s those experiences that hurt us the most that we learn the most from……..

Now I’m turning around and sharing something that I want you to know, in regards to when someone hurts you. From my experience the amount of words that were smashed at my heart this week when analysed it made me realize that this problem had more to do with the person hurling the rocks at me than it did me. I had to take the bullets in order for that person to satisfy their ego, and that’s generally how it goes. My affirmation in this period was “It’s evident by this person’s inability to see through my flaws and having to search for ways to negatively critique me, that this issue has more to do with them than me” so it was by stating that to myself more than once that I was able to calm my heartbreak and get back to work in light.

When a person or group of people attack you – consider your mistakes, but if it is too excessive and unfair (as it was in my case) LOOK DEEPER. Look beyond the words and into the wounded soul of the person firing the bullets at you. As within so without. These actions are a reflection of what this person feels inside, and really it mostly has nothing to do with you if they cannot act from their heartspace. Think about that before you stop your world and curl up in your bed and cry for hours wondering how your pure intentions got rattled in static. That’s what I did, and I don’t want that to happen to you. Perceive away from deceive…. I hope you are with me and understand what I mean….

All we are as humanity is LOVE. Believe me or not, but please think about it! Love is the essential energy will omit freely without any interference as babies. If you don’t believe me – watch a baby, a baby will never hold a grudge! Its only through development of the ego that we fall out of love in our lives. With that being said try to understand this —> Anyone’s action can be judged as evil – its your perception, and if you don’t have the ability to be tuned in to energy, how would you know what somebody’s real intentions are? I think it is only us who make things appear unreal/evil. Our ego is fueled through negativity and evil, and in the presence of strong ego that is all that will be recognized – the bad and ugly. The same is true with the our heart but the difference is the heart recognizes love, and all it sees is love. Which of your sense is stronger? the ego or the heart?

Humanity has progressed into developing the mind in a material artificial  when style of recognition. When all that we were was energy, all that we ARE is energy. Before the development took place and the world evolved into what it is now we were intuitive beings living off of the provider – mother nature, not a bank or institution or mass-produced company for survival. Humanity used to be completely connected and completely real without having to put in as much effort as we do today. They ate food free of the greedy intention that it was packaged in – to get you sick and addicted, but however the food was clean, 100% organic, and grown in rich, lush soil…very opposite of what has become of the soil and food today. There was few substance around that could interfere with the ability in those to see clearly. No TV, computers, newspapers and other brainwashing media about. There was the ability to eat real, be fueled off of real energy, and therefore BE REAL.

It was the progression, disruption,  and greed in food and technology that created that distance, gaps, and disconnection between humans and their spirit. Many people are now spiritless. they are often numb with little connection to themselves, the universe, the heart, and the divine creation. What many of us have become is these numb robotic bodies. Many incapable of feeling or truly seeing. Material determines their level of accomplishments and respect to be received. Money, currency, cash is the judge of what you are worth and what you can do – when it truly means nothing. What is truly real can never be lost…..Love can expand beyond the horizons of comprehension.


Marina Love Movement

Raw Divine nutritionist, Superfoodist, Superherbalist, Anti-aging expert, Well-being coach, Dancer, Model, VJ.


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