Consider this!

The union of concerned scientists has stated that 80 percent of our ongoing ecological problems are caused by 4 human activities;

1. Driving cars and light trucks
2. Meat and poultry production
3. Nonorganic agriculture
4. Home construction and maintenance

As exposure to levels to artificial chemicals, pesticides, and radioactive materials increase, more and more people are becoming interested in eating lower on the food chain. As opposed to eating animal products such as meat, large ocean fish, crustaceans, and dairy that are high on the food chain where toxins accumulate – this means eating more plants.

The side effects of eating animal products, such as excessive cholesterol, saturated fat, weight gain, along with increasingly poor quality and taste as well as artificial chemical use (pesticides, injected hormones, animal vacinations, ect) are becoming an overwhelming problem, causing millions of people to seek more humane, sustainable alternatives with vegetarian, vegan, and raw food sources of protien and fat. One of the best sources of plant protien and fat is found in hempseed!

This is why I am Raw! THINK ABOUT IT…….


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