Return back to LOVE

A conversation which sparked more observation. Now while this post may not be clear – it is in my completely raw, “flowist” state of my mind. Read openly. Namaste.

Buddahands Community

My eyes are wide in sight with the visions of light everyday of my life. I feel like a complete alien on this planet and it really makes me seek more knowledge and more freedom from the system we have been enslaved in – especially living in a experiential country like Canada. This post deserves much publicite as I hope this is a wake up call for many going through similar experiences and having similar observations so that I no longer need to feel alone with this heavy on my mind and maybe I will be provided with some answers as to how this disconnect really happened.

North America is a big experiment as I have observed with someone I really love very much. I haven’t quite concluded the specifics yet, but may have reached a pretty sharp arrow in the target. I have lived in various regions and have really noticed a difference between people inhibiting different areas. A difference of various aspects and primarily tolerance. I feel for the most part the people of North America (and its starting to “infect” other countries as well) are living their lives like robots who have lost most of their self-respect. remember while I am saying all of this I am saying it from an observation perspective not an egotistical one that breathes fire and self-righteous pride all over this interesting awareness.

Why is it that there are so many broken families, disconnected people lacking moral and what is truly the essence of life primarily in North America? I have thought about this for such a long time, and it has been so hard to place it in words. I am careful not to offend anyone, but please if you are living in North America please look around you! The evidence is rampant everywhere – Its like the longer these beings inhibit this soil the more out of touch they get. I know this is happening all over the world but primarily it is here. The question where is the root of this disconnection? This is what I want to know. Where and how did the love get lost creating this disconnection and robotic like beings.

The only solution is because this land was inhibited by so many cultures that it lost its culture along the way, and I always use to say when all is lost return to the safest place there is – LOVE.

We all need to return back to love regardless of where we are in the world. We cannot be divided anymore we must be united. White.Black. Asian. Hispanic. Jew. Muslim. Christian. Buddhist. bless us all and bless the rest. We need to tear down these boarders and understand that though we may not look the same, or agree on certain things, our blood is still the same color, and we all have feelings and hearts beating in our chests. We need to understand the importance of creating healthy, vibrant relationships and meaningful journeys and ventures. Return back to Love.

xoMarina Love Movement


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