Kissing last week goodbye

Hello again! Greetings of blessings and peace to everyone reading! I am so blessed and beyond words to describe how grateful I am for you to be joining me here to read my expressions. When I write I feel it is a truly authentic expression where I feel the genuine need to be 100% raw and real. I encourage everyone to view everything I am saying with an open heart. My mission with my blah blahs is to get people thinking again, and to remind them of what life MEANS beyond all the implants and brainwashing we have received. No I don’t have the answers, but yes I can provide some insight based from my own journey, and that’s what I wish to do here. Maybe someday we will reach a collective consciousness that will bring life into a new joyous meaning for everyone. Thank you to everyone seeking truth, you truly inspire me to run with the wind and shine like the sun.

I am an extreme observer – watching closely and analysing what goes on day-to-day. It starts in my home, then into my neighborhood and direct surroundings, and then around the world. I form an opinion rather than conclusions, so please be gentle when evaluating my speech. Know that you and I are both beings of light and all that I am wishing to do is to bring forth a new set of ideas to help you along your way. So much I thank you for joining me today…..So here I go completely raw and authentically me……

Goodbye August 22-28th, your visit was deep and meaningful and you have left me with much to sum up before moving on. Today my thoughts are very mixed and its been a mellow day in my life. I went to the springs in what they called a “hurricane” named Irene and G collected the water for us. I don’t understand…there was so much hype about this storm and yes while it may be a bit windy and rainy we have seen way worse storms before in Montreal. I don’t watch the news often but tuned into it briefly to see what their verdict was on how we should prepare. Then I shut it off because it just creates so much fear within me. unnecessary fear for no reason. It was calm here – I sleep with my windows open and I woke up to the fresh scent of rain and the leaves blowing in the wind. We did lose power for an hour, but it came back on….anyways.

Last night was the highly anticipated Monde Ose Imagine Ball that I performed in. What a BEAUTIFUL concept with BEAUTIFUL people. I have never been so in love with a party I have had an active role in before. wow. It’s so hard to explain, the pictures don’t do justice, nothing I could ever say can do justice. It’s just an event that you would have to be there, and FEEL for yourself. What an experience! I met so many incredible, enlightened, real, and down-to-earth people it really blew me away. I’ve almost got the blues today because the event I’ve been waiting for all summer has now come and passed. Something I will never forget, I trust another there will be another love conscious glamorous event by Frank and the Monde Ose crew anticipated soon.

Moving forward: This past week also brought forward so much new informative knowledge, seeing as how I barely shut my eyes to sleep. I am overwhelmed knowing that right now there is so much knowledge to acquire in order to help boost humanity to where they need to go rather than the path of destruction they are headed. I guess the saying goes that whatever you resist persists, and while I may not be resisting, however, I am focusing which adds power to what it is that I don’t want. I just need to keep my “flowist” consciousness alive and continue striving towards the brightest and remain brave. I guess this is what this journey is all about. Sometimes I become afraid as a result of all that I know and the lack of people I have surrounding me that agree on these same ideals. What some call “Conspiracy” I call truth, lets face it we’ve been taken away from most of our truths, so now things that are real as real can possibly be are labelled such conspiracy. WOW, what a world….what a wonderful world I am living in. If you are standing with me make yourself known please, so you can stand beside me and I don’t have to walk these roads alone. There is power in numbers.

I will end my post here as the flow of thought has now moved on into another realm for the time being…..Bless you all for reading!

xoMarina Love Movement




One thought on “Kissing last week goodbye

  1. It’s Mom. I love reading your blogs. How did I ever get such a beautiful, smart and insightful, wonderful open minded daughter? I will never use the term “blessed” as it conjures up a smugness that I cannot be attached to, but I will tell you how much I love you and I love what you are doing!! I am so proud of you for NOT being a sheeple. Fear not my little Princess Warrior…your time is coming. There are many people “waking up” to the reality of what is intentionally being done to humankind. The conspirators aren’t as smart as they think they are as the exposures and rebellions are already happening.

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