Caution: To be read with an open mind!


………. I felt my connections to the universe in every cell in my body; was reassured that I am among humanity, the trees, the plants, the grass, and sky. The natural elements know me and I am never alone. We are all one and we exist everywhere. It was like coming home to the greatest welcome back party imaginable. The love and purity of the elements surrounded and dazzled me. I didn’t want to move in the resting space I had created for myself but rather become it, and feel the ability to be everywhere and be everything at once.  The visions and sensations I had were warmth, safety, and love so intense it was the only emotion of existence. An experience capable of phenomena with such magnitude needs to be valued and respected for what it is.

Ayahuasca – plant Teacher, so profound, so wise, so helpful, so brave. So courageous to enter my soul and show me a world that does not exist in the physical realm of the world as we know it. You’ve been implemented in ancient civilisations and are responsible for the healing of many lives for centuries in a sacred way. They cautioned us against you as they had little knowledge of what you are and where you purpose resides.

From a constructivist perspective, drugs cannot be fully understood merely by analyzing their chemical structures and how these interact with neurophysiological systems. One needs to consider also the meanings underlying their growth, production, preparation, consumption and categorization, all of which can vary across cultures and over time. For example, the concept of “medicine” is a cultural construction that in contemporary Western societies is given meaning through the powerful institutions of medical practitioners and systems. Particular substances are deemed medicines not by any properties inherent in them, but by virtue of their being blessed as such by members of powerful professional classes (i.e. physicians and pharmacists).

Ayahuasca quintessentially defies the simplistic categorization of being merely a “drug”—or, in the terminology of the  National Institute on Drug Abuse, a “drug of abuse.” Indeed, ayahuasca has been culturally constructed by its various users as a medicine, a sacrament and a “plant teacher.” In the Amazon, ayahuasca is considered a master plant, both a diagnostic tool and a force for healing. Along with tobacco, it is one of the most important substances in the pharmacopoeias of Amazonian folk healers.

Where effort and surrender meet is where we find grace.

I could not disrespect the ceremony, preparation, or creation of Ayahuasca by calling it a “drug”. It is truly sacred and the most powerful healing device I have ever been treated with. I believe it bridges the past, present, and future in ways that no other therapy or medicine could. We all know the answers are within and we all know how much we are connected in this universe, if you experience a sacred healing ceremony you will see just how this truly comes together and what it all means. I want to end this post by asking you all to imprint your soul with the understanding that we really are connected. When you hurt someone else, you are more so hurting yourself, you have to take responsibility for others as well as yourself. Collectively we can and will work together to improve what has been lost in this world (love) but we must take responsibility that everything is family. Allow there to be no more borders based on color, race, or religion. We must all unite as humans, regardless of the differences that surround us, we need to help each other out and rise each other up through this sickness that we have constructed ourselves.


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