A Letter from Dr. Robert Morse


Recently various articles and opinions about the use of herbs and their potential “danger” have been published in so-called distinguished magazines and journals. These articles have been written mostly by medical doctors who have little or no knowledge, education, or clinical experience in Botanical usage. This however, is the typical rhetoric of the academic intellectuals whose ego’s ( mind ) have overshadowed their common sense and God sense. They push their philosophies and agenda’s onto the average “common” God loving individual, who also without proper knowledge is trapped into thinking these jokers have the knowledge of what they’re talking about, so they must be right.

However, this type of brainwashing is being received less and less today as man becomes increasingly frustrated, controlled, taxed, imprisoned, and even killed by the above. One such article by Dr Catherine DeAngelis, editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association, has been slandering herbs and their usage. Are we to believe a highly profit-driven modality, the medical community, who are merely puppets of the pharmaceutical companies, are going to write positive non-slanderous articles about the incredible effects of herbal usage and how they can help cure you of your conditions?

Let’s stop and examine some indisputable facts:

First Most medical doctors can’t cure anything! High blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, MS, glaucoma, etc.; and yet most of these are easy to overcome with diet and herbs.

Second They would lead you to believe that herbs are dangerous. What a joke! Chemical pharmaceutical medicines are the most dangerous substances you can consume, killing hundreds of thousands of people each year. And hurting millions more… Did you know that deaths associated with pharmaceuticals are the third leading cause of death in the U.S. – right behind heart disease and cancer! Herbs rarely hurt anyone.

Third Herbs reduce the effects of pharmaceuticals . That’s their job. Herbs cure – chemicals ( drugs ) suppress and kill. Which would you rather have?

Fourth There’s no control or studies on herbs and their use. This is a total lie designed to instill more fear into the average person. Herbs have over a five thousand year recorded history of use. They have been studied extensively by China, Japan, India, & Germany, and are used on a regular basis by most countries worldwide.

Our own Native Americans have used herbs for hundreds of years and have an extensive knowledge of American botanicals.

Also, our very own drug companies have done extensive research on herbs, but they can’t patent them, so there is no profit to be made by using them. You don’t go to a carpenter for plumbing problems. Why go to a medical doctor for information on herbs? Herbalists and most Naturopaths go to school for this, so why not go to the experts themselves.

Fifth The medical profession has deceived the people, legislators, and themselves into thinking they are the saviors of the world, when actually they are the biggest killers .

Sixth Science knows best. I love this one. It wasn’t too many years ago that science said the world was flat. Science is always ignorant of creation. Man just can’t figure out what nature already knows.

Seventh Health and healing is so simple, man is the only species that suffers because of this separation from nature.

Eighth Herbs have active principles so they should be listed as medicines and controlled by the egomaniac medical doctors. Guess what! All raw foods have active principles in them! If you extract some of the more powerful active principles, like alkaloids and make them in higher potencies, over time they can destroy the liver or kidneys. However, God buffers these in Botanicals ( foods ). Pharmaceutical companies are the ones who extract and create foreign substances which your body can’t handle.

Ninth At least 2 ½ million people enter the hospital each year from adverse reactions to chemical medications -Washington Post

Tenth At least 180,000 people die each year from chemical medications. ( Some have estimated this to be over 500,000. ) -Washington Post

Eleventh 100,000 people die each year from estrogenic

diseases ( caused by allopathic physician s).

Twelfth 100,000 people die each year from hospital errors ( This means you have a 1-in-200 chance of dying in a hospital from hospital errors ). -Discovery News

Thirteenth 900,000 injuries from medical doctors occur yearly.
—Discovery News

Fourteenth 120,000 die from medical mistakes.

Fifthteenth 15,000+ people die each year from taking over-the-counter drugs.

An example of the difference between herbs themselves and their active principles is Ephedra. The active principle is Ephedrine which as we’ve seen can contribute to cardiac arrest when improperly used, as in diet pills. Pharmaceutical Companies take out the active constituent from the herb and intensify the strength of it while adding it to other chemicals. This makes it too strong for its intended use. This is not how God intended us to use herbs!

We have seen what the medical community has created over the last one hundred years or so. Cancer is in every other person! Diabetes, MS, Lou Gehrigs and all “chronic” and degenerative conditions have skyrocketed. Who is to blame? God? I don’t think so! Who has been controlling our health care? This is because the medical community wants you to think you “catch” diseases instead of creating them. This allows them to “treat” your symptoms with blatant disregard to the causes of the symptoms.

One must stop and wake up before their physical body is destroyed by a runaway intellectual, money-hungry machine which remains highly ignorant of true vitality and health! Lobby your legislators for reform and protect you and your families from the true killing machine – the medical community and legalized drug cartels.

If you think they have your best interests at heart, you are very wrong. The pharmaceutical companies give money to the medical schools so that medical students learn how to dispense chemical drugs ( do you smell a conflict of interest here? ). They may ( if they’re lucky ) get one short class on nutrition ( and that class is from the American Dietetics Association, who also have no clue what true health really is! ) and none on natural health modalities. Once they graduate, the drug companies spend even more money “romancing” the doctors so they will push more chemical drugs ( the last figure I heard was $9,000.00 per doctor ).

If you think pediatricians have your children’s best interest at heart, think again. Pediatricians have known for many decades that vaccinations can cause severe degeneration and death (including SIDS*), yet with all this high cost of human life we still vaccinate, especially our children! That’s willful and shows the ignorance of the medical community about the role that bacteria and viruses play in creation. It couldn’t be the high profits that vaccinations yield, could it…?

Did you know that some of the most extensive research in this country on the power & great potential of herbs has been done by the drug companies themselves? And yet they don’t recommend them because they can’t patent herbs and therefore, no huge profits can be made by promoting them ! They rather take out one single constituent of the herb, make it more potent, and make it into a chemical drug. They don’t understand that when you take out only one constituent you are messing with God’s brilliant creation. Our bodies need all the constituents of the plant, working synergistically, to maximize the benefits!

Everyone should also purchase the Nursing DRUG HANDBOOK to peruse before taking any chemical drugs. You’ll be amazed and horrified at the harmful side-effects of these drugs, most of which will severely damage your liver and/or kidneys – and worse! Many of them have more harmful side-effects than the original health issue that you went to the doctor for!

Do you really think that the American Cancer Institute, the American Cancer Society and the FDA have your best interests at heart? Think again. The Cancer Institute is one of the most financially well-endowed organizations in the country ( and world… ). Money pours in from all over. It is in their charter that once they “find a cure for cancer” the organization must disband. Do you think that any of them want to see their extremely lucrative jobs go away??? Not likely…

Do you think that the FDA is really protecting you and your family from health disasters? Think again. The FDA is also incredibly manipulated by the drug companies and other “deep pocket” special interest groups….A good example of this is not only the thousands of deaths by chemical medications, but they want to ban the herb Ephedra, and yet allow the pharmaceutical companies to keep using the highly dangerous active principle Ephedrine!?! So what does that tell you??? ( More on this later .)

Do you think that the Insurance companies have you and your family’s best interests at heart? Think again….The cost of curing most cancers initially is probably $3,000 to $5,000, naturally. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are paid to the allopathic approach only to finish with burial expenses. Which check would you rather write?

Here’s a typical example: I worked with a young man who had just been diagnosed with stomach cancer. He had gone to Moffit Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida for his diagnosis. They told him it would cost him approximately $90,000 and they would have to take 2/3’s of his stomach out as well as chemotherapy treatments & possibly radiation. They charged him $5,000 just for the diagnoses. It only took him 56 days under our guidance to cure his own stomach cancer at a total cost of about $1800. This was achieved with just Living Foods and Herbals.

It is time we all start taking charge of our own health again! Learn about herbs and their many uses. They are magic and fun. Keep your life simple and eat raw, uncooked, unprocessed foods and you will see the true magic of creation

It is important to understand that all things in creation have their place. The medical community makes excellent surgeons. Combining naturopathy and emergency medicine would be phenomenal! However, when it comes to disease and health care they fail miserably. Naturopathy is the only true health care system that cures instead of treats . There is room for everyone on this planet as long as one knows ones place. When greed and ego rule, destruction is the end result.

Sickness and dis-ease are not a part of God. Man is out-of-balance and out-of-harmony with himself and nature.

Today one must fight for his right to choose and have freedom in his life. The academic intellectuals ( whether it be medical, bad lawyers or bad judges ), are ruining the beauty of our free land and constitution. Stand up and just say: “Stop!” That’s enough! God is here with respect and love for all life. It’s time to wake up!

-Robert Morse, N.D.


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