Dr. Brian Clement

I took this entry from Drs. Brian & Anna Marie Clement’s message from the Hippocrates Health Institute magazine. God bless them both and the beauty they have returned to us…. I attended Dr. Clement’s lecture this past Friday at the university of Calgary and was truly amazed at the energy and gifts this man has to share with all of us.

By Drs Brian & Anna Maria Clement;

“love is a many splendored thing.”says it well. It is the ultimate aspiration for all and the least achieved. It offers a variety of happiness and a wide array of texture and nuance. From the love of your pet to the intimate relationship with your mate, we long for its reward.

Today’s interpretation of  “love” falls short of its purist expression. At a base level, some think of love as sex, which is only part of this precious gift. This limited behavior stems from poor education and a shortage of of positive role models. To love fully, competely, and without judgement, you have to first do so for yourself. Due to lack of purpose in raising children and the marketing ploys of special interests, we have generally developed a warped sense of this treaured feeling. For those who get lost in religious dogma. layers of deception have further obfuscated this emotion. The purveyors of such misinformation teach that it is wrong to love oneself. This – and much more – has confused us to such a level that few of us have ever found true love.

Our world is no greater than the limits we have placed on it. When living with total fufilment, we attract other fulfilled people who relish an enriched and complete life. On the other hand, if you consistently fall short of living a purposeful existence, you attract and accept others who are equally limited in their ability to express true and passionate love. Most of us fall into the second category. Then, when we marry and have children, we teach them the same brokenness by our example. On and on we ride the merry-go-round of the disingenuous life.

We much begin again by replacing the poor lessons we learned with the proper principles of authentic love. Most importantly, we must raise our own self-value by doing what is best in every single action. This documents our genuine intent and raises our self respect. Naturally and abundantly, our world will begin to open and attract people, places, and things from a heightened level. Continuing on this path will inevitably excite us enough to expect more and recieve more in the way of pure love.

Marina & Dr. Brian Clement

Just a little something to think about.

-Marina Love Movement


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