A Moment with Dorit

“It’s not about food, it’s about being raw…totally raw. The rawness of ourselves, our emotions, our lives, and it is a fact that when you eat raw foods it opens you up to the rawness of your being.” – Dorit

Dorit is a certified living foods chef who has garnered the endorsements of many of the veterans of the raw food movement such as Steve Meyerowitz and Brian Clement. Through her classes and workshops, Dorit helps others learn to eat more naturally, seasonally, and consciously. An author, yogi, meditator, counselor and movement therapist, Dorit draws from these practices as she imparts her personal guidance, love, and inspiration into everything she does.

Dorit is my all time favorite inspirational educator in the Raw Food Lifestyle movement. She is beyond a diamond, and has knowledge so deep-rooted it will get your mind thinking about things normally overlooked to the unaware eye. I love love LOVE her energy and enthusiasm. Meeting her in person this past weekend at the Toronto Raw Vegan Festival was not only a sincere pleasure, but more so an honour. A gift so big I now know after meeting Dorit that my heart is so filled with so much bursting abundance of love I have to share some of it with you!

I have been implementing Dorit’s teachings into my practice for about 6 months now since finding her through a video of hers I purchased called “Beyond a Raw Philosophy”, where I was given more insight and beauty into beyond raw foods and living a completely raw lifestyle. This DVD inspired me so much I went out in search of more of her materials, including her fabulous book entitled Celebrating our Raw Nature.

These teachings have aided me in adding more rounded angles to my practice (as well as more inspirational and delicious recipes!) and I encourage everyone reading this to purchase  her books as well as her videos – we should support people who are adding to more beauty and love in this world, and not fear and hatred.

I can’t say enough about Dorit, and I am hoping her and I will meet again and possibly collaborate on bringing another Raw Lifestyle Film Festival into the making, along with other contributions.

Marina Love Movement and Dorit at Toronto's Raw Vegan festival on Dec 4th 2011


until we meet again my inspiration Dorit much love and blessings to you for all the beauty you have added and created for this world and the next.


Marina Love Movement

*To purchase her books and dvd’s get in touch with Dorit on her website at www.serenityspaces.org*



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