Q Mars Imandel: ♥ A meaningful Dialogue



I love the sophistication of Q! One of my personal favorites, entertaining, funny, beyond knowledgable, and a very active lightworker making some “Love Moves” I absolutely could not miss out on sharing with you the beauty and sophisticated knowledge behind this wonderful being.



Q Mars’ mission lays within the The Guru Of You which is a lifestyle project he designed to empower YOU to become the guru of your own life. It is based on the premise that the more spiritual awareness, clarity, and Truth we know and have as individuals, the more enjoyable and fulfilling our lives could be. The more empowered and joyful we are as individuals, the more humanity can change and move toward a sustainable, conscious reality.

The Guru Of You offers its selfless service to the world through a website, blog, TV show, online shop, and a video library, as well as an active and growing social media collaboration.

What would it be like to live life fully and not have to depend on a spiritual guru as a source of awareness? What if you could be your own guru and explore life and find out what works for YOU? Spiritual gurus are wonderful, but ultimately each of us must become awakened and empowered individually if we wish to truly live in this World in peace and in harmony.

The Guru Of You is about living a conscious lifestyle and provides spiritual seekers from all around the world with uplifting and enlightening information, awareness, energy, support, tools, inspiration, and motivation to continue growing and moving forward on their spiritual path. It is about living an awakened life. It is about caring for ourselves, others, and our Earth, while being willing to change ourselves and thereby change the world.

Yesterday this really meaningful dialogue was brough to my attention between Q Mars, and his friend. I think more people need to be aware of what has been going on, is going on, and what will go on if we do not return back to love. Listen closely watch wisely.

“Fighting against the elite is part of their plan, as it provides energy to their agenda. We need to bypass the system, not try to fix it.”

“You see, they control the masses through the essential needs and desires of man. Food, water, sex, entertainment, success (and a few others). They feed the people cheap, tasty, greasy, sickening foods (like .99 cent cheese burgers at every corner), and then they encourage us to wash it down with tasty sugary drinks like Coke and Pepsi. It’s not that this is *necessarily* 100% a planned conspiracy thing in all ways, it’s more of a business strategy. Because these people are functioning from a type of “low-vibe” point of view (greed, control, etc) because of how they have been conditioned to perceive what is valuable (money, success, ownership) the energies that it pulls into the world, by sheer dynamic of energy, are the types of things we are seeing today.

They basically manufacture sickness, pull the medicine out of natural foods, and then sell it as medicine as a “cure”. They lead people to believe that it’s normal to eat McDonald’s, and if you get sick, there is something wrong, so you need drugs to help you. And the businesses are so clever, that they have figured out a way for the government to subsidize this phenomenon. But the issue in the first place is eating that type of food. And personally, I think that the reason why McDonald’s is so successful is because it caters to emotionally conflicted people that use it to suppress and cope with their internal conflicts. It is the only pleasure they have, and it’s cheap. I remember when I used to go there when I was stressed out, and it was a type of “therapy” for my troubled mind.

They also program our minds with porn, glamour, celebrities etc… again, this is not necessarily 100% a conspiracy, again, it’s a business strategy, mixed in with conspiracy at the same time.

The way we bypass the system is by cleansing ourselves physically, emotionally, psychologically, so we are no longer dependent on the system. Pretty much everybody in the world should do some type of fasting/cleansing for an extended period, as this clears out MOST of the locked up energy that stops people from actually being able to be free. No more shopping at Walmart for food, because we have our own garden. No more buying useless things because we’ve worked on ourselves to fill the voids that tempt us to buy things we don’t need. No more drinking soda or tap water because we gather water from springs and make our own juices and drinks at home.

We also need to all connect back with our families and our tribes by healing whatever issues prevent us from loving our parents and siblings. So many people want to live on their own, but this creates conflict eventually.

But the beauty is that everything that is happening is not a “problem”. It is a natural process that is unfolding perfectly. If we judge it as a problem, we will suffer constantly.

So we do what we are inclined towards to help with the shift (activism, politics, whatever) but at the same time know that all is well. That is the path to Peace.” ♥

[The GIVE Project] ♥ [The Guru Of You] ♥

As you probably already know, the world is in quite a chaotic state. The repercussions and consequences of our collective actions are beginning to become evident, and many of us can feel an internal nudge to awaken and rise to the shift that is necessary. We can feel the pressure that is upon us, and more and more people are beginning to become aware that the world is not working the way it is. More and more people are realizing that the capitalistic lifestyle that we have grown to rely on is simply not sustainable for the Planet.

The truth is that not everybody is waking up at the same time. The majority of the population of the world is still in what seems like a “dream state”; a state of mind that remains almost completely oblivious to the challenges we face as a collective human race. But as more people wake up, others will be drawn to do the same. The Guru Of You is for those who are actively seeking Truth; it is for those who are cultivating spiritual upliftment and internal liberation, regardless of how far they are on their path.

Are you a Truth seeker? Are you a spiritual activist? Are you interested in seeing the world change? Do you look around and wonder why the world is the way it is? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then The Guru Of You surely has something to offer you.

Thank you for being you. ♥

Yours in Truth,

For more Q Mars check him out on these links;


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