Lilou Mace: Serving your life’s purpose

I love Lilou and her work so much, she has provided a lot of light into many different topics.  Her contagious laugh while on her ‘Juicy Living Tour’ fills your heart with love. A very powerful woman with a truly inspirational mission and story.” – Marina Love Movement

Have you ever wondered what life could be like if you were to follow your true hearts desires? Many of us are at a crossroads in our lives right now with the global “shift” that is taking place.  More people are beginning to feel that their 9-5 job working for someone else is not truly serving their life’s purpose. Many are realizing that in order to succeed they need to drop any false beliefs about what success truly is, and begin to embark on working from their heartspace. Lilou Mace has been there and shares her journey in her books “I Lost My Job and I Liked It”,  and the newly released sequel “I Had No Money and I Liked it”. Thanks to her sharing her journey and story life just got jucier. So whatever you are seraching for inspiration in whether you are looking to change careers, quit your job, move to a different city, or embark on a traveling journey, her books are an excellent reference to help inspire and empower you.

Lilou Macé is an entrepreneur, inspirational author, and web sensation. Her first venture was starting her own internet marketing company. Since then, she has gone on to write books, start her own publishing company, travel the globe interviewing  New York Times bestselling authors, and meet some really inspiring people along the way.

Lilou is also the co-founder of an online community called “Co-Creating Our Reality: 100-Day Reality Challenge.” As of 2011, the community has 7000+ members in 140 countries worldwide. Initially inspired by Oprah, Lilou began producing her own inspirational TV show in November of 2006. Originally called My Juicy Life, and later titled Live a Juicy Life, the show follows Lilou as she interviews the authors of motivational, spiritual, and self-help books; a practice she still continues on her YouTube channel. (

As of September 2011, Lilou has over 10 million viewers on YouTube, has conducted 700+ interviews, and is one of the fastest-growing Web TV hosts globally. Her videos are translated into many languages for viewers around the globe. Her vision is to develop and expand Web TV programs in all the main languages and countries around the world.

At the close of her first book, I Lost My Job and I Liked It (A 30-Day Law-of-Attraction Diary of a Dream Job Seeker) Lilou Macé shared her feelings of being “…on top of the mountain.” In the continuation of her story, I Had No Money and I Liked It (The Abundant Journey of an Open Heart), she soon discovers that she had merely reached a plateau. It would take further courage and determination to continue her ascent to the “mountain top”. It would also take a willingness to open her heart and be emotionally vulnerable to allow loving abundance in.

On her path to self-realization, Lilou is met with a startling number of humbling detours and hopeful synchronicities. Yet it is her unshakeable faith in her life purpose and the inspired actions she takes, that bring her ever closer to realizing her dreams.

I Had No Money and I Liked It (The Abundant Journey of an Open Heart) doesn’t sugar-coat the obstacles one confronts when taking a leap of faith. What it does do is celebrate the joy that comes from following the calling of your heart, staying in the flow of unlimited possibilities and opening yourself up to the miracles that await if you trust yourself, trust the Universe… and believe.

Lilou’s mission is to create and host an international communication network to “inspire, motivate, and empower millions of people to pursue their dreams” and to “help spread joy, freedom, and personal awakening.”

Lilou resides “on the road,” as she is currently travelling and interviewing authors and spiritual teachers for the Juicy Living Tour. To learn more about the tour, and to check out interviews with some of the world’s most inspiring people, go to

To buy Lilou’s Books Click

I Lost My Job and I Liked It: 30-Day Law-Of-Attraction Diary of a Dream Job Seeker

I Had No Money and I Liked It: The Abundant Journey of an Open Heart

For Lilou’s latest updates, visit her website (

or log on to  Facebook and catch up with her there (


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