2012: Resolutions for all

It was once declared that “If we are not part of the solution, then we are part of the problem,” by famous film maker James Cameron. I want you all to take this statement into consideration as we begin into our journey into the highly anticipated year of 2012.

The world keeps spinning, time progresses, technology is upgraded, doom and gloom continues to be broadcasted far and wide, and smiles becoming few and far between. What is happening to the earth we inhibit? Where has the true essence of what we are as energetic spiritual beings been lost? Why do we tend to be so consumed and blinded with things that are truly not important? These are great questions¬† that I have spent most of my life pondering, where it wasn’t until recently that I found answers to all of this insanity, stepped forward, and started getting louder with my voice.

The answer truly lays in our food and how we nourish ourselves. In many ancient scriptures and literature it has been proclaimed and proven time and time again that our food is our medicine and food has the ability to calm or create havoc in your mind and body. We need to really start absorbing this concept and take it seriously. Haven’t we suffered enough from the many mis-diagnosis and treating symptoms of disease rather than curing it from the root and removing it completely? The answer is not rocket science, it is sheer common sense. You are what you eat.

With all of the ‘convenience foods’ full of processed and harmful ingredients on the market it is no wonder that many today are so far away from the essence of what we are. Research and studies show that in order to truly live healthy and happy we need these 7 things in our lives:

  • Clean Air (Which our air is not – no matter where you are – there are more dangers in the air we breathe then you can imagine from radioactive fallout, to harmful gases, and pollution)
  • Whole Foods (Which many of us have no clue on what this definition really is – they think fruits and vegetables and organic boxes products, ect)
  • Exercise ( Many do not even know where to begin with this, as their idea is killing themselves at the gym)
  • Sunshine (We need to be in the sun as much as possible and with the 9-5 routine lifestyle many don’t make time for putting their bodies in nature’s light)
  • Clean water (Unless you are drinking water that YOU sourced from a spring then you are drinking all kinds of harmful contaminants)
  • Loving Relationships (Does anyone actually know what this is anymore? Why is bullying and divorce so common!?)
  • Passion (Many live their lives purposeless – just going through the robotic motions of daily life, not taking time for themselves to live from their heart and explore their wildest desires)
So those are the facts, do not let the dark nature scare you – this is the truth! The key is to be aware of this and get involved in small ways. Educate yourself and learn how to live again from your heart. There is a solution to all this madness, and its a very simple solution where you must pay attention and be ready to change your life. It’s a term that one of my mentors Laura Silva says “The law of GOYA = Get off your ass!” Could she not be more true than that? The truth can be scary but it’s up to you if you want to take it that way or not. Where ever your attention goes energy flows – focus on the positive solution and bring it closer to you!

Its time for us to make simple shifts that make huge and dramatic impacts, on not only us as the individual but also for the world through out as well.

This year I’m sharing with you my prayers for a better world, small steps you can take today that make a substantial impact for a better tomorrow.

  • Vote with your dollars!
Do you buy gasoline, live in wood houses, support soy/corn and commercial food companies? It’s time to support ethical businesses and stop making purchases to greedy industries. Start exploring your farmers markets, buy organic food even if it costs more – believe it or not each time you buy an organically raised plant (fruit and vegetables) or animal product, you are helping someone to earn a living. Isn’t that preferable to giving your money to a multinational food company that mass produces its product, not caring about the health of the soil, the planet, the animals, or ourselves? When you buy organic food you are directly supporting safe and sustainable farming practices along with ensuring your health by not consuming harmful chemicals and modified ingredients that damage our DNA and our intelligence. Have you noticed how clear and intelligent people who eat pure foods are? They literally have minimal brain fog, mood disorders, weight issues, or health challenges. The research and statistics show this! If you don’t believe me – look at this article one of many I can share with you about a small village in the UK! Click here to read article. I have many similar statistics and case studies like this one I have come across where the answer is coming back to life and making its powerful come back.

*** If 5% of our population purchases organic food we are saying NO to monsanto and reclaiming our power! ***
  • Strengthen relationships and create more love and light around you and in the lives of others

This can be as simple as making more time to talk to those close to you. My close friends and I often have a ‘sharing circle’ where we light candles and share our thoughts, hopes, and dreams around the candle light and practice healing meditations and breath work. This act brings us closer on many levels – not only just on the physical level but on the inside bringing us the term ‘oneness’ and liberation of negative thoughts.
Yoga also is a very powerful practice in bringing many positive manifestations your way. Not only does it purify your mind, body, and spirit, along with those goodies is also helps center your mind creating a healthy enriching inner environment where peace, health, and happiness are in abundance. This year my biggest wish for everyone is to awaken to their incredible potential.

These are two teeny tiny little suggestions I have, so instead of supporting a charity, running for a cure, and doing all these pointless walks, where your money is wasted, why don’t you vote with your dollars and start supporting local and real business ventures? Individual to individual types of commerce. For example I offer alternative (and creative) healing sessions using nutrition and spiritual medicines from ancient to present, I also sell organic chocolates and skin care, by buying my products and engaging in my services and programs you are supporting sustainable business practices and helping to re-build the rainforest (I buy all my ingredients for my guiltless chocolates from coops in south and central america than use sustainable and healthy farming methods.) You are also helping empower me directly to keep getting better and better and bigger and bigger where my message can be heard and implemented into lives that really need healing, liberation, and inspiration!

If you will continue to support mainstream charities and mass-produced harmful processed products and unethical services and you are “fighting” a battle that can never be won. (If you want to know my opinion on charities click here to read my thoughts.)

“The change of food is bound to change the qualities of your physical body. Food is not just energy, it is also a qualitative thing. Food is not just a fuel, it contributes more than fuel — it gives you either transparency, or non-transparency. The insight into this phenomenon can mutate, and you can have altogether a different type of body. And it is not so difficult to change this body, because the body is a flux, every moment changing itself; it is a process, it is not a static thing. The moment you came here, you had another body; now the body has changed. It is changing constantly, every moment; it is river like, moving and changing — it is not a static thing.

If you change direction, the body takes a jump; only the direction has to be changed. One should become aware, that whatsoever one is eating must be such that it doesn’t make one’s body heavy. This heaviness is not concerned with weight: sometimes you feel that you are weightless, as if you can fly. So the food that can give you the feeling of weightlessness is the right food. The food that gives you the feeling of being burdened is not the right food. Some foods make you more rooted in the earth; you cannot fly. Wholesome foods give you wings; you have an inner feeling that you can just levitate, you can just go out of gravitation. Food is right if it is non-gravitational. If you can feel non-physical in it, it is good. Really, the body is felt only when it is heavy; when you have the feeling of heaviness inside, only then you feel the body. When the body is not heavy with wrong foods, you are bodiless. That’s why when the body is diseased, when the body is ill, you feel it; when it is healthy, you don’t feel it. You feel your head only when there is a headache; when there is no headache, there is no head.”


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