ONLY do what you LOVE. PERIOD.

“Sheeple”, one of my favorite terms when describing people who live a mechanical life. These robot-like people are mostly functioning from their hind-brain. Mostly very small-minded where their idea of this world is truly what surrounds them in their immediate surroundings. This is caused by the poisoning they receive on a daily basis from the media broadcasting doom and gloom, the foods that they are consuming that are lowering their IQ’s and wreaking havoc within their bodies, and in some cases the pharmaceutical drugs they are taking that strips them of their power. Most people float through life not understanding the impact these forces have over them, they live within the lines and do not dare to step outside. For these people I call them “sheeple”.

Frederic Patenaude, who has mentored me from time to time on how to make a living doing what I love, sent his students and subscribers a great message this week about “sheeple”.  For the success of our universe speaking from a “unity” standpoint, if we are not working from our heartspace daily and limiting ourselves then (I’m sorry to say but..) we are a slave. This mentality is negatively impacting us as a whole. If you do not think your negativity affects others think again, and consider the message of Frederic’s e-mail it is very powerful.

Do you Like Being a Sheep? By Frederic Patenaude

I don’t know if you realize this, but most people are like sheep.

They actually like to be told what to do, in every circumstance of their lives — and if possible by the government or by the popular culture. Don’t believe me? Then try to notice every time people say “What are THEY are going to do about it?” Any time something happens, nobody wants to take the blame, and nobody wants to think for themselves. They want to be told what to do. The sheep, have no morality, so they want to be told what’s “right” and “wrong.”

The sheep have no understanding that their body is self-healing so they are putting it through every form of abuse, with the hope that if they ever get sick “doctors” are going to heal them.

The sheep live beyond their means, engage in conspicuous consumption to catch up with the Jones’, and count on the government or their pension funds to take care of themselves when they get older! In every case, they give their power of choice away to a doctor… a government or their neighbors.

Want to know why we’ve seen so many dictators in history? Just watch people. They’re the ones who put them in place, in many cases.

Want to know why charismatic leaders always gain the popular favor? Because the sheep have so self-esteem.

Want to know why politicians can get away with making promises they will never keep? Because the sheep have no memory.

Do you like being a sheep? Actually, if you’re reading this, chances are that you consider yourself to be a bit of a “black” sheep. A wacko… a freak! If so, welcome to the club! Us freaks who dare to think are the only ones who can change the world.

So what’s the sheep mentality when it comes to work? You’ve heard it before: get a good job, work from 9 to 5, hopefully get a pension plan and then work as hard as possible, give up the best years of your life in the hope you’ll be able to retire as early as possible and enjoy life sipping coconut drinks on a beach. Play the lottery in the meantime.

The sheep generally have a dis-taste for entrepreneurship (“it’s not going to work”), for rich people (“they steal from the poor”) and they resent marketing in general (“salesmen are crooks!”) They’ve been bred into thinking that they have to find a “job” and work for someone else (big mistake) and that trying to live from your passion is for hippies and losers (or that it’s not “practical”).

Here’s the key to succeed making a living doing what you love:

1- First, get out of the sheep mentality before it’s too late.

2- Start an Internet business on the side. Put as many hours as possible on it, but do it regularly.

3- Focus first on being able to generate enough revenues so you can quit your day-job. Don’t kill your current cow until you have another source of nourishment!

4- Stop hanging out with sheep too often. Find entrepreneurs and other people who think like you, and spend more time with them.

5- Stop doing sheep-stuff in your free time. Watching TV is a first thing that comes to mind. There are other time-waster and brain-washers you should avoid. I think you know what they are already.

Here are some books and resources that you also need to get and use:

1- Read the book “the E-Myth” by Michael Gerber. This will give you a good overview of what’s a true entrepreneurial mentality.

2- Read the book “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferriss, and get excited about the possibilities.

3- Read the book “Getting Things Done” by David Allen, to know how to organize your time for maximum productivity.

Finally, I also highly recommend that you subscribe to my “Do What You Love Success Group”.

You can learn more about Frederic and join his mailing list by visiting

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