Thrive Not Just Survive!

If you want to thrive and not only survive you need to be nourishing your body with foods that keep you ALIVE! This is something I have been preaching for such a long time now, but we as humanity must understand the importance of the saying “You are what you eat.”
Life is full of trivial pursuits and is so fast-paced that new stresses have arisen and we are being forced to adapt in new ways. Somethings we have not considered must be considered and I would like you to ask yourself these questions that Master Herbalist Ron Teeguarden published in one of his books entitled “The Ancient Wisdom of Chinese Tonic Herbs.”;

  • Will we be able to adapt to the widening holes in the stratosphere?
  • Will we be able to adapt to carcinogens in our water, food, and air?
  • Will we be able to adapt to artificial food?
  • Will we be able to adapt to the constant bombardment of various forms of radiation?

To me the answers are pure and simple. We can adapt to anything having provided the right internal environment within is established. If we are eating artificial and processed foods what do you think that does to your body and mind? Furthermore, what do you think this does to your adaptation ability?

We need to grasp a hold of the concept that if we are what we eat then this must mean that processed foods equals out to be a processed mind which leaves us with processed people. A concept in which I thoroughly agree with.

If the food you eat influences how you feel and how you feel influences your thoughts,and your thoughts create your life (truly)  then how can  being “processed” and not thriving allow you to adapt, deal with stress and the toxic environment, and as well keep you free of disease within the body?

The foods featured in this picture (taken from the media from the movie “Processed People” – a must watch for those seeking more into this subject)  are some of the offenders as to what is causing our bodies to be in chaos. I came across this great video from an acquaintance named Brandon Cintron, where he really breaks it down as to what it is we shouldn’t be eating and what it is we should be eating.

He makes some excellent points in regards to the foods to avoid, especially when he refers to flour, sugar, table salt, and pasteurized dairy as the 4 white devils! These are the 4 immediate things I suggest to my clients to avoid and to replace them with sprouted grains, natural sweeteners like honey and stevia, Himalayan sea salt, and nut milks and creams along with raw unpasteurized dairy. That shift alone is so substantial as the 4 white devils really work against your body when trying to obtain proper health and adaptation to the environmental stresses in life.

The next foods he mentioned to avoid were alcohol and caffeine, which I think is crucial to steer clear of as they are taxing on your adrenals and endocrine system as a whole. I have never been an avid coffee drinker myself, but tend to enjoy a nice cappuccino or cafe latte after a nice meal when going out. The smell entices me, as I LOVE the smell of coffee, but I am aware of the danger and am very conscious of this. I make sure to get in lots of pure spring water with a pinch of sea salt and trace minerals to help give my body back to hydration it has lost when trying to handle the stimulation and de-mineralization coffee causes.

I was very happy to hear him mention corn and soy in his video as well! These two foods are often overlooked and many people are not educated on the fact that Corn is often a harmful highly modified ingredient, and can also be a digestive disruptor. Soy is a toxic food that can lead to cancer and should only be eaten in its fermented formats, like miso and nama shoyu.

He made two great points when it came to boxed and canned foods, he said that “If it sits on a shelf it will sit on your stomach.” This is very very true. I agree that by taking these “short cuts” in your diet you are sacrificing your health, and cutting it short. We need to take the extra time to prepare our food and stop using these convenience short cut foods and preparation methods including use of the microwave. Think about why people often refer to heating their food in the microwave as “NUKING” their food!

I think the biggest diet fail trend of all time was the fat myth. This was where people began to cut fat out of their diet and add in processed artery clogging substances like margarine and many other rancid oil products like “I can’t believe it’s not butter.'” Brandon exclaims “well it it’s not butter then what the hell is it!?” I had a good laugh at that one as he is absolutely correct. If you are reading this and you still fear fats, STOP! Its QUALITY over fat content. Bad fats and oils that should be avoided specifically are; Canola oil, corn oil, safflower oil, soybean oil, and cottonseed oil. If you have margarine and fake butter products containing these ingredients throw them out and replace them with healthy fats like coconut oil, olive oil (not recommended for cooking at high temperatures) and clarified butter or “Ghee”.

We need to remember that our health is reflected in places in the body like teeth, skin,a nd hair, and people with poor diets containing bad oils lack brightness in the eyes, healthy teeth, shiny and soft hair, and luminous skin. If the topics on healthy fats interests you, I recommend researching the workings of Weston A. Price who travelled around the world examining the physical degeneration of health due to the increase of processed foods in indigenous groups diets. In the video, Brandon also mentions how the American people were eating the muscle off the meat they were given on a TV show called ‘Bizzare foods’ where two groups; American’s and Indigenous people, were given meat to see what their idea was of the healthiest part on the meat to eat over a period of time. Indigenous people eat based off of what their instincts tell them not what they have been brainwashed to believe. The Indigenous people were fit, trim, and thin while the Americans were fat and out of shape. What does this tell you about fats?

There was a joke video posted a few months ago where this butcher in South America was putting baby piglets into a box and he would turn the handle and out would come the sausage. You should have seen the shocked reactions on the customers faces, some people actually were very upset and one lady became slightly violent. The moral of the video in my opinion is THINK about where you meat is coming from. Has the animal been raised freely and fed its proper diet of grass and not GMO-laden corn? Has the animal had a bad life? Has it been treated properly, and nourished properly? Remember anything that animal is injected with and eats you take in when you eat that animal. The importance of free-ran, grass-fed, organic meat could not be stressed enough in my opinion. You will become sick if you are eating a sick animal, as Brandon refered to the karma behind that action.

We need to be thinking about the importance of organic foods in regards to all of the produce we are consuming. In my opinion and from experience I know they are higher in nutrition, where the vitamins and minerals have not been removed in a process called genetically engineering. I will also add that organic produce really isn’t that much more expensive, media sources try to implant us with the idea that it is so expensive to eat organic, but it’s truly not. You begin to eat less when you eat vitamin and mineral rich food, instead of more food that has been genetically modified. Think about it.

To conclude, You can see by the information presented from both my opinion and Brandon’s it is easy to see how we can increase our ability to adapt to stress based on what we put in our mouth. I always tell people to remember that they are what they eat, and I hope you consider this after learning about all the kinds of foods in incorporate into your diet and the foods to leave out! I hope you all take the time to take it in and understand it. Also, Much gratitude to Brandon for putting a well-organized informative video together to help us understand better!


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