The Best Advice Ever

Humanity all that I ask is that you try step by step to awaken to your incredible abilities. Only do what you LOVE only. It’s very simple the answer on how to live simply, passionately, and with daring divine purpose. Most of our beliefs about how we are supposed to live can sometimes amount to dramatic limitation, often limitation we are completely unaware of. I promise you that once you remove any false beliefs (anything that doesn’t make you feel good, and doesn’t serve you) you will be fully free. Free to live, free to love, free to do whatever you want. Return to your beautiful right brain, its alway been there waiting for you to re-awaken to all that you can be. Flourish and be nourished. It is a fact that you can create anything you want. The first step is believing that you can.

Last night I had the chance to talk with one of my favorite teachers of all time – Celebrity nutritionist, superfood, longevity, and beauty expert David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe. I don’t think there is a word out there can can describe the “David Wolfe Experience”, where being around his energy is medicinal!

While making my rounds at the VIP event held after the anticipated “Seed Event” in Calgary, enjoying delicious “Jing City” chocolate and a glass of a fabulous rose essence flavoured tonic both prepared by the wonderful staff at Light Cellar, I thought to myself; This is the way parties should be – instead of draining and lowering our frequencies with harmful substances, why not raise them and add to your bodies intelligence instead? This is truly the future of partying – with no harmful side effects. The next day you will awaken rested, clear in thought, and ready to adapt to anything your day throws you.

It’s an interesting thought right? It has never made sense in my mind why some people have to  drink substances that can become harmful if drunken in excess. New age bartending featuring super herbal tonics that taste more luxurious than anything that has ever been consumed is where it’s at! Last night my cousin and I enjoyed shots of chocolate cashew milk with Ant extract (anyone who knows a thing or two about Chinese herbalism will appreciate this) and our other favourite was E3 with coconut milk. How delicious and nutritious! I am projecting it out there for everyone to experience this kind of healthy high vibrational sophisticated partying! Gone are the days where wine symbolized elegance as well as a healthy drink, this is where it’s at! This space age stuff….

Speaking of space age back to David Wolfe. Our conversations with him covered many topics last night but the most impacting I believe is the words of wisdom he gave in the video we made together. I want everyone to please share, tweet, post on Facebook, and share share SHARE this video to as many as possible! These words must be heard and implemented into our daily lives and practices. This is the simplistic advice, simple shifts that make a huge impact on our unique beautiful outcomes. THINK ABOUT IT.

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Marina Love is a leader in the fields of Nutrition, Herbalism, Longevity, Entrepreneurship & Personal/Spiritual Development. Marina studied extensively with The BodyMind Institute and has become an entrepreneurial power-house in Feminine Empowerment Medicine. Marina offers Goddess CirclesCacao Ceremonies and Individual therapy sessions & Programs in addition to her projects Goddesspreneur Academy, Love Movement, Guiltless Chocolates & Goddess Beauty. Her heart’s mission is to holistically empower women by all means possible in the spirit of sisterhood, non-competition, embracing the Goddess within and holding space for surrender.


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