The Law of Creation

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I was beginning to get tired of hearing the mainstream world speak about the law of attraction without having any backing about how this action truly works. Its more than just thinking positive for a moment in time – it’s a constant action in your life that requires a few details in order to get it working for you.

The first step is to be in the now. Don’t live with your negative past emotions, beliefs, people, and places. The only moment you’ve got is right now to start creating a brighter future for yourself. Remember the past and what it taught you, but don’t be held back by anything bad that ever happened to you there. If it’s a relationship you desire – you have to ask yourself how believing that every relationship you ever had never worked out is going to bring a new perfect relationship your way? If its money you desire, you have to shift your beliefs about money being hard to acquire and also you must stop telling yourself you are broke or cannot afford certain things. You will need to do an inventory of beliefs that are not corresponding to your dreams, goals, and vision for yourself and set them free. It’s these beliefs that we are often unaware of that are completely sabotaging our ability to become a magnet for what we DO want.

The second step is to be completely obsessed with your vision, and set little reminders of this vision around you. I have a dear friend who is truly a money magnet and told me that she sets up little tricks and reminders with everyday objects in order to remind herself to obtain more money. For example if she is walking downtown and sees a “P” sign for parking, instead of thinking about the initial meaning she thinks of it as “P” – payment, and gets into the feeling of receiving a payment owed to her immediately. You can do this too and it can become fun!

Along with being obsessed with your vision, another good practice to establish is writing. One of my most influential teachers of all time once told me that when you SPELL something out it is almost as if you are casting a SPELL on to your goals and desires. Writing your intentions and desires down is a refinement of getting clear on what it is you want to have in your reality.ย  If you want to build a muscle you lift weights – if you want to have a life of your own design you hold it in your constant awareness through meditation, writing, and creative reminders.

The final and most important step is GRATITUDE. It is true that you become whatever you think about most of the time, so what do you have to lose by being grateful? I think an attitude of gratitude is the icing on the cake that you have created right before your very eyes. We all have something big or small to be grateful for – it’s time to get familiar with counting our blessings and re-establishing more blessings in our lives by doing so.

Think about it ๐Ÿ˜‰


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