♥♥♥ Changing Lives One Ribbon At a Time ♥♥♥

In my life I haven’t met many heroes, and It wasn’t until I met Rocky at his vendor shop on St Catherine’s street in Montreal, that I had met a real life hero once again! Rocky is a living example of someone who is truly living from his heart using his creations to inspire people to be happy.

My friend and I were drawn to his beautiful shop as we saw his beautiful ribbon art  hanging up from a mile away, glistening in the sun, whirling and spinning with the wind.  The art was so extraordinary, it made us wonder about the artist and what inspired him. When Rocky got to us he had so much to show us and tell us, my friend and I knew right away that we were conversing with a real life hero.

Yat Wing Rock Mt Lo (Master of ribbon weave art)

He started to use the ribbon to create and develop the three-dimensional sculptures when he was child in Hong Kong.

He was a teacher to many students for the ribbon-weave technique in different associations in Hong Kong and Canada such as Hong Kong PHAB Association(Handicapped Association) and Hong Kong YMCA, and he have participated in working for the Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department to teach the ribbon-weave technique to the public. He has gained the award of Model Citizen in Hong Kong in 1982 because he saved many children’s lives from the crazy massacre case.

Mr. Lo is not only interesting to engage in artwork, but he also has a goal since he was young until  the future. It was one of the factors to encourage him to create more and more new styles of ribbon-weave sculptures to share with different people in the world.

He believed that people can, through the ribbon weave arts, help more people who are in need. One important phrase is always in his mind: ” A friend in need is a friend indeed”, and the deep meaning of this phrase is told us that friends are always beside you. Through to help each other, persons can be established between people more of a love to make this world more harmonious and peace.

He was already having much good experience by using ribbon weave art to help other people, such as a volunteer to teaching the handicapped people, children teenage and seniors to make the ribbon-weave works in several occasions in Hong Kong and Canada.

He also support the World Vision Canada for the Child Sponsorship and Give Where Most Needed projects.

He was glad to share these happy with you. Now, what are you waiting for?

If you live in Montreal come by and pay him a visit on St Catherine’s and Drummond at his kiosk, or check out his website at http://www.orientalcharmculture.com. Rocky is always working with children, the sick, and the elderly as he hosts many workshops a month. Rocky’s creations are great gift ideas! Spread the love today!

Check out our interview —>


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