Counting Calories: An Old Outdated and Inacurate Paradigm

Have you ever thought to yourself about why we are so obsessed with numbers? The number on the scale, the number of calories, the number we have in our bank accounts. I have questioned this many times myself, and you know the truth is – It’s really not important anymore.

I’m always stressing to my clients that the number on the scale in not important, but what is important is how we feel and look at our bodies. The relationship is very important as the old saying goes “Whatever you think – you are probably right!.” So if we choose to view our weight in a negative way then we are right. Lets begin to look at our bodies with acceptance for the way that they are now – not on how you aren’t where you want it to be, beating yourself up in the process. Our bodies are responsive to our thoughts for example –

  • Sexually vulnerable: Layer of fat may form around your abdomen or hips (area of the body meant to hold emotions and sexuality)
  • Unlovable: Develop a broad chest in order to protect the heart, or develop heart problems.
  • Weight of the world: Develop back problems

Your body truly is a mirror of your inner thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. So be conscious and nice with your thoughts!
The other numeric paradigm I want to address is counting calories – this is an outdated method of weight management that in the long term is neither accurate nor sustainable. It’s a very narrow and constricted measure.

How can a number that was measured and created in a lab even amount to being accurate when applied to the way each individually constructed person metabolizes it. What we need to do instead is read the ingredient label and learn to identify what the body can metabolize and what it can’t. Counting calories is a really an insignificant measure It’s the quality of the ingredients consumed not the quantity in the little numbered value on the label! The quality of ingredients will determine whether your body can burn them off or not.

Think about it…


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