Successful Self-Dentistry

Do you still use a regular toothpaste and have had issues with cavities, recessing gums, gingivitis, sensitivities, or any other kind of mouth decay? Well, now is the time to take control of your oral ecology and get things back on track!

The current statistic is that once we hit 80-90 years old we will only have about 10% of our teeth left in our mouths. I don’t know about you, but I am not going down that road! I have found through the years of being involved in holistic health oral ecology is not a hot topic we hear about often, even though it is just as important as any other area of our bodies. It simply has not caught up to speed, but it is getting there!

My own experience with oral health issues have been quite interesting, to say the least. I have had tooth decay on many of my teeth due to poor nutrition choices and deficiencies. When I noticed there was an expanding problem of enamel missing off of my teeth I decided to do something about it! Since I know that our bodies have an incredible ability to heal themselves with using correct nutrition and care, we can give our body the tools they need to heal. I was determined to find holistic material that would teach me about the health of the teeth.

During this exact time I had purchased Nadine Artemis’s book Successful Self Dentistry and was getting myself up to speed on all of the new health technologies being revealed and discussed during this time. I do believe our Universe is in divine order and we are lead to information, opportunities, people, among many other things and this was my time to shine. Nadine has a company called Living Libations that has a beautiful arrangement of self-dentistry products. My jaw nearly dropped when I was reading her book, as my health concerns all revolved around my mouth at this time. Using a few new products and a few new oral care methods, my mouth took over and is healing itself! I will never underestimate the power of my body after this point in my life.

Why does normal toothpaste do more harm than good?

We have been on the toothpaste program for some time now, and with all of the oral problems still present, it obviously is not working for us. First of all, take a look at a bottle of toothpaste, you will find on most it will state “harmful if swallowed.” Well to me, this is enough reason to never use a regular toothpaste ever again. All of the chemicals in a toothpaste will still absorb into our systems regardless, just by being in our mouths. They contain sodium laurel sulfate, which can cause skin corrosion, irritation and canker sores. They also contain FD&C blue dye No. 2, which might be related to learning and behavioral issues, severe allergic reactions and other health problems. There are also artificial sweeteners in some toothpastes among many other questionable ingredients. This simply is not the way to care for our mouths. Even natural toothpastes aren’t always the best choice, they contain glycerin which will coat our teeth and immediately does not allow our saliva to remineralize our teeth and maintain balance in our mouths. Pair these with aggressive brushing, not flossing enough, and consuming processed foods and then we a recipe for cavities,recessing gums, root canals, crowns, mouth sensitivity and pain, among other conditions.

How to be your very own dentist and guardian of your teeth:

Each tooth in our mouth is so special, filled with a sacred cranial fluid, which makes each one such a beautiful gem. We all want brilliant white teeth, and it is well within our reach! A great place to start is changing your teeth brushing routine. When I started this I took brushing my teeth outside of the bathroom and will even go outside in the sun sometimes or sit near my garden, I’ll do it with my partner, even in the kitchen when I am making food. I enjoy turning it into a different experience because the bathroom can be only be so exciting.

Nadine’s products are some of the most incredible you will find on the face of the planet and will change your health. Her oral products are all I use now and have resulted in beautiful healed pink gums, clean white teeth, strong gums, and the decay is beginning to go away! Unlike a foamy toothpaste, Living Libations uses beneficial anti-bacterial and anti-fungal essential oils like neem, clove, cinnamon, peppermint, mastic, and a few more that actually penetrate into the gums and teeth. I have found each tooth product to be incredible. My favorite is the Yogi Tooth Serum, which is my favorite product I use. Only ONE drop on a toothbrush and you’re set to go. I also will slide a drop along a piece of floss and use that in my routine. Below is my routine that essentially solved all of my problems.

The routine I follow:

  1. Salt water rinse (you can just fill up a mason jar with spring water with sea salt, and you want this to be very salty)
  2. Tongue scrapper (so important to your routine! This will remove a lot of bacteria build up and even help you experience food tasting better)
  3. Brush with chosen Living Libation product. One drop to the toothbrush is all you need.
  4. Floss with one drop of either the Yogi Tooth Serum or Health Gum Drops. Make sure to use a non-waxed floss (you don’t want anything with petroleum products on it)
  5. Rinse once more with salt water and you’re ready to go.

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