Your hard earned money is “running” pharmaceutical research and development!

Millions of dollars are wasted for the “Walk for a cure/Run for a cure” fundraising events. For all of you who are donating – stop participating in these mindless charities, for decades they have raised billions of dollars, people have run millions of miles, and there is still no cure? Sounds a little strange to me. These charities and nothing more than businesses which take your money and use it on more pharmaceutical research. Aiding more ways to poison our bodies and minds.

Just off the top of my head the Chaga mushroom is regarded in many ancient herbal systems of the world as a cure for cancer. I have seen the power this mushroom has when it comes to shrinking tumors in combination with eating a clean diet where incorporating methylator groups (such as beets and cruciferous vegetables) and practicing a form of mental and physical grounding such a yoga or meditation. The body is a miraculous healing device when you work with it in ways that are natural to it. We do have the power.

There is a lot of information being withheld from us regarding legitimate recovery from this disease.  They will do anything to ensure we don’t take control of these situations, and give our power all over to them so they can put us under procedures that are not made for the bodies bio-chemistry. The statistics show that more people have died from radiation then those that have been cured.

“Allow thy food to be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates


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