♥♥♥ I am simply just doing the best I can with what I know with what I have with where I am at. Please forgive me. My intention is NEVER harmful, I try my very best to be from my heart everyday.

When you think others are cruel or harmful, just remember we are ALL light beings. Special just as much as the one before you. The harmful ones are simply resisting the ability to love deeper and more sincerely. As babies we were pure joy, gentleness, and LOVE. We lose it along the way as we grow to fear others.

LOVE IS OUR TRUE ESSENCE inspire others to reconnect with that, instead of pointing fingers, making judgements, and harming others. In the end you are harming yourself more.

Just simply do your best and surrender in the face of attack. I fear nothing. I am love. Just BE love.

Only LOVE is real♥♥♥


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