Don’t be part of the problem: BE part of the solution

Sending you all a big warm hug to bring comfort to your hearts and souls during these times of increased energy. You may have been aware that fall is a season of great transition, it’s time to clear out the old and prepare ourselves for the cold (depending where you are) reflective months ahead and make way for the new. Many relationships are breaking up as people are de-cluttering their lives naturally, as the result of us dropping away from our lives what no longer serves us.

2012 marks the end of a cycle of 10’s of thousands of years, this was the prediction of the Mayans. My clairsentience brings me that this cycle we were in provided much growth and development to those who came before us, and into our time as well. What we need to know to be able to survive happy and healthy is this simple thought that came to me and that is THIS;


Since I am a huge advocate of living and wild foods this is a call to support more of what supports us. We are held up by this beautiful world that we live in right? If we support polluting and soil depleting companies and practices, how long do you think the world can hold us up for? Will there be room for the generations to come to live peacefully and happily on this earth?

The truth is when you support many of these unconscious businesses that produce packaged and canned foods, not only are they harmful to your health, but also many times harmful to the environment. Think about that connection. If you are eating packaged and canned foods and unethically farmed  meats frequently you are supporting a very unsustainable system of pollution, waste, and torture. A great Doctor by the name of Will Tuttle once said that “The pain and destruction we inflict on others is what we are inflicting on ourselves,” and my point to add to this statement is that by making unconscious decisions we are hurting ourselves at the end of the day.

This is why I have worked tirelessly trying to find true and authentic foods and products to offer to my clients. Not only are my chocolates, super foods and herbs, and skincare all sourced in sustainable matters they push the envelope in quality and results. If you’d like to experience the wealth of your own health e-mail me for a consultation (first time clients only) at a very special price!

“Every time you eat, you can make a massive change. You can put your support behind eco-systems, behind bio-diversity, and behind farmers. Or, you can put your support behind greed, super-profits, and behind ill health that is killing the planet and the people.” ~Vandana Shiva ♥


Because after all SELF knowledge is CELL knowledge

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Marina Love is a leader in the fields of Nutrition, Herbalism, Longevity, Entrepreneurship & Personal/Spiritual Development. Marina studied extensively with The BodyMind Institute and has become an entrepreneurial power-house in Feminine Empowerment Medicine. Marina offers Goddess CirclesCacao Ceremonies and Individual therapy sessions & Programs in addition to her projects Goddesspreneur Academy, Love Movement, Guiltless Chocolates & Goddess Beauty. Her heart’s mission is to holistically empower women by all means possible in the spirit of sisterhood, non-competition, embracing the Goddess within and holding space for surrender.


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