A Weekend Away from the LUXE Alchemical Kitchen

This past weekend I learned a valuable lesson about the importance of superfoods in my life. I went away on a weekend journey to Toronto, and silly me was in a complete rush that I had forgot to pack my “divine nutrition” along with me a.k.a superfoods. I think my “fogginess” was due to this wonderful time of the month that throws women into a bit of a spin; we retain water, become moody, and require extra rest. Yes I am speaking about that lovely “visitor” – I think all the women reading this will know exactly who I am speaking of.

Over the past 2 months I have been a little neglectful of myself as I have been extremely busy setting up my mini boutique, making chocolates (and experimenting with new flavor combinations), coaching clients, and alchemizing holistic skin care products that I fell behind on my personal self-care rituals. I didn’t realize how bad it was until this past weekend when I left my divine nutrition at home. I normally have a few simple protocols in place the week before my woman time and the week during to keep my mind and body balanced, so when this time comes around I don’t notice anything different about my mood, behaviors, or physical nature. What a dramatic difference it was to be behind on self-care and then go away for a weekend without my special nourishment.

I can’t believe how awful I felt! It kind of reminded me of when I had severe depression and eating disorders; I felt tired, irritable, fuzzy, and completely out of it. I had problems waking up in the morning when normally I wake up at the snap of a finger. I caught myself finding it harder than normal to plan and make important decisions, when answers come to me effective and efficiently. I was noticing a horrible sound track of fear and anxiety playing in my mind, this was the scariest thing to deal with because I have not experienced that kind of paranoia since I was horribly ill years ago, it was like an uncomfortable nightmare re-emerging. Even my cravings were so bad and out of control it was taking over my ability to think of anything else. These symptoms were a strong reminder of how much superfoods make an impact on my thoughts and feelings and how they truly changed my life.

Cacao is my favorite superfood as you all know, because to me it is the most efficient delivery system for all of the other superfoods you wish to take. As they do in Ayurveda where they wrap all of their herbal superfoods in honey in order to have a “sweet delivery” of their medicine. The term for this is called Anupan, and everyday I make a cacao version on this whether it be in beverage or meal form. I get my daily dose of my superfood medicine in homemade chia puddings, smoothies, and chocolates. This is what attracted me to cacao (aside from the fact that it’s my favorite food!) in the beginning was how sophisticated and versatile it is; you can mix other superfoods like goji berries, spirulina, and medicinal mushrooms into the cacao and that acted as a “super pill”; your daily health assurance so you don’t suffer from brain foggy, have low energy, or intense cravings. Chocolate medicine how brilliant!

Chocolate medicine is so fast acting, it’s almost instant after having the taste on your lips that you can feel it boosting all aspects of your radiance, from happiness, to mental clarity, to even endurance. It’s the best news of all time – you can eat your favorite food and benefit from it! Turn cravings for processed toxic chocolate into superior nutrition with raw cacao 🙂 Now the next time I go away on a trip I will never forget my precious chocolate medicine as part of divine nutrition!

How to Stay Radiant While Traveling

Traveling can be scary for health conscious people, the thought of mystery restaurant foods, street vendors, and hotel service can sound just as wonderful as nails running down a blackboard. Eating healthy at home is one thing, eating healthy when on a trip is a different story.

  • Pack a green powder supplement to ensure you are getting nourishment you need so you can thrive on your trip! My favorite is from Dragon Herbs called Tonic Alchemy. It is a remarkable, cutting edge, blend of  superfoods from around the world – from the deepest oceans to the world’s highest mountains. Ingredients come from almost every continent and type of environment on Earth. These superfoods are so nutrient-dense, just a single tablespoon of Tonic Alchemy blended with a liquid will provide more nutrition than most people assimilate in an entire day!
  • In order to maintain your friendly gut bacteria levels for digestion and immunity, carry an abundant supply of power packed probiotics that don’t require refrigeration. Whenever you have the opportunity, indulge in whatever probiotic rich fermented foods may be available: Kim-Chi, sauerkraut, and miso are some examples
  • This tip is fun: Bring your own tea to enjoy while getting ready to embark on your days. My personal favorite tea of all time is Ron Teeguarden’s Spring Dragon Tea. This tea is amazing also for helping restore your circadian rhythm, so if jet lag is a problem it wont be hanging around for too long after a delightful cup of this fabulous super herb beverage! 
  • Carry organic raw trail mix packets or a multiple pieces of fruit with you for quick blood sugar balancing when you are on the go. *tip* Bananas are the best for immediate blood sugar balancing.

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