Eat Yourself Sexy this Holiday Season: Marina Love’s Top 5 Fat Blasters


The Holiday dinners and social gatherings have begun – this means tempting food choices are right underneath your nose! Egg Nog, Sugar Plums, and all kinds of sweets and treats that could potentially harm your 2013 goals for staying fit, fabulous, and sexy.

Every holiday season I am surrounded by loving family who prepare delicious meals and treats to share that can sometimes leave me with a little extra weight to spare. I know what it feels like to be left feeling fat, fuzzy, and frazzled after the holidays are over, and because I have found the solution to this problem through foods here are my powerful top-of-the-line suggestions that will get you back at your healthiest weight fast!

  1. Gynostemma: Has been shown to have a double-direction activity with regard to weight. Gynostemma accelerates the body’s metabolism and helps adjust blood sugar and blood fat levels. Adjusting blood sugar and blood fat are critical steps in attaining healthy metabolic function, whether one wants to lose weight by reducing excessive body fat, gain weight by building lean muscle, or maintain healthy weight by helping regulate bodily functions. Gynostemma acts as a scavenger in the stomach and intestines, ridding the body of toxins, toxic microbes and waste that otherwise may become lodged in the intestines. My recommendation is Spring Dragon Tea from Dragon Herbs, it contains an incredible blend of Gynostemma, Goji Berries, Luo Han Guo, Schizandra berry, Eleuthero and Astragalus, you can purchase it at the LUXE Alchemical kitchen for $12
  2. Sea Vegetables: The buzz about Sea vegetables is that they are probably the most nutrient rich plant on the planet. Cultures who regularly consume them are amongst the healthiest and longest living in the world, and as a  2010 study shows that sea vegetables – particularly algaes can reduce our rate of fat absorption by 75%. This is thanks to its inhibitory effect on a digestive enzyme called lipase. Minerals are the building blocks for radiant health and sea vegetables are crammed full of  them nourishing the body and blasting away cravings and the tendency to overeat. My  favorite ways of getting sea veggies into my diet is by consuming raw and delicious kelp noodle pastas and stirfrys , nori wraps, making smoothies containing marine phytoplankton, E3, spirulina, or chlorella and sea vegetable salads.
  3. Sprouts: I love adding these fun and extraordinarily healthy food on top of salads, soups, and on snacks. I almost feel my body thanking my every time I eat them, and this is because sprouts contain 30 times more essential nutrients and enzymes than ordinary vegetables. A very cool fact about sprouts is they are composed of 35% protein making them the all around perfect food. The best part is they require little maintenance to grow, in fact you can sprout them on your window ledge in the midst of winter – all they need is sunlight and a bit of water. One of my favorite quantum physics experts Nassim Haramein would say that “The ancient people would call the sun the door way.” To me, this statement has so much meaning, we need to sun to survive, it really is the doorway to radiant health and being. I think we can think about this a little further and think about our foods that are exposed to sunlight, they will contain that radiant energy, and we so are what we eat 😉
  4. Aloe Vera: Aloe an ancient superfood that I have high reverence for. I use it for my beauty preparations and also eat it abundantly as I notice it hydrate and clear up my facial skin, snd keeps my clothes fitting perfectly. There is nothing on this planet that offers the amazing variety of healing benefits granted by Aloe Vera; it boosts immune function, destroys cancer tumors, halts inflammation, balances blood sugar in diabetics, lowers cholesterol and triglycerides, relieves joint and muscle pain, and enhances skin health. If you want to lose weight, gain lean muscle mass, have heightened immunity and a powerful nervous system, as well as be beautiful and flexible for many years to come, Aloe Vera is a non-negotiable dietary component.
  1. Fermented Foods: Eating a diet rich in fermented foods, which contain massive amounts of beneficial microbes, or probiotics, is essential for weight loss. In order to have a good elimination system necessary for blasting off unwanted weight we must have good micro-flora in intestines. The existence of living lactobacilli in fermented foods enhances digestibility, as well as increases phytonutrients, which keeps your digestive system breaking down foods so that it doesn’t stick to your problem areas and instead is eliminated. I feel so good when I eat fermented foods like sauerkraut and kim chi and drink fermented beverages like kombucha and kefir. Try eating fermented foods with heavy meals this holiday season and notice you don’t feel lethargic afterwards,but rather energized!

This advice goes beyond just weight loss: This is metaphysical nutrition, raising your vibration so you can experience the beauty of what it feels like to be in radiant health, as my Chinese Tonic Herbalism guru Ron Teeguarden says “Health Beyond Danger.”  The nutrition we need to prevent disease and for keeping us adaptable to the changes and shifts in the world we live in right now.


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Marina Love is a leader in the fields of Nutrition, Herbalism, Longevity, Entrepreneurship & Personal/Spiritual Development. Marina studied extensively with The BodyMind Institute and has become an entrepreneurial power-house in Feminine Empowerment Medicine. Marina offers Goddess CirclesCacao Ceremonies and Individual therapy sessions & Programs in addition to her projects Goddesspreneur Academy, Love Movement, Guiltless Chocolates & Goddess Beauty. Her heart’s mission is to holistically empower women by all means possible in the spirit of sisterhood, non-competition, embracing the Goddess within and holding space for surrender.


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