2013: The year of Vibrant Well-Being

So the world didn’t end on Dec 21st, here we are as humanity still going strong! Bravo! Now as we enter into 2013 it is our time to make this truly the year for us to be in the most abundant radiant health ever! It’s simple I promise!
Think of your body as a car…

If you are a car and you are puting along on 2 cylinders, wouldn’t you be interested to know what it would be like to run smoothly and quickly on 4 or even 6 cylinders? It’s also interesting to think of the fact that a car when given the wrong fuel will not function or breakdown. We should view our bodies the same way.

It surprises me how often people tell me they are suffering in the health and well-being department yet they sweep their problems, aches, and pains underneath the rug only to be ignored until another “flare-up”. It’s really time for us to make the meaningful connection between our health and our success. When you have more energy, more stamina, and more mental clarity – don’t you think you will get much more done?

We are the people we have been waiting for….when I say this we should expect no one to save us but US. Our health (and lives) no longer lays in the hands of the doctors (or in governments), but in OUR OWN. We truly have the power to do all that we dream of when we have been taught how to optimally fuel and take care of ourselves. I see many people who are on spiritual paths and spend hours a day in sacred practice, and still aren’t at peace. This is because they are missing the most influential and powerful part of the ascension process which is DIVINE NUTRITION and WELL-BEING practices!

We are entering a time of increased energies, where the vibration of the earth is rising. This is apparent by all of the political and personal chaos, storms, and natural disasters that are occurring. If you didn’t think about it before think about it NOW, it is the time NOW to understand what is happening, and that the energy on our earth is changing. We need to lighten up as heavy foods, emotions, and behaviors dim the light we are meant to share and experience in this lifetime. What else are we here for? We are not our jobs, possessions, and certificates, we are the wisdom and helping hands we share with others.

2013 should be the year that we shed our “heaviness” by making our health a priority so we can live a vibrant and radiant life where success comes to us naturally!


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