Remembering The Sacred Why

The Sacred Why

Last week I was asked by someone close to me what is making me so energetically vibrant and passionate, and that’s when the question of – “Why am I doing the things I am doing?” popped right into my mind.

Do you ever ask yourself the same thing?

My mind began to brew as I went back to the beginning of my journey into natural health, back into a very dark and heavy time when I suffered from deep depression, eating disorders, mineral deficiencies, fatigue – you name it! I wanted nothing more then to feel better and I knew based on the failure of the conventional health system in place to get me better, that if I was to heal it would be on my own.

I remember the first time I picked up a bottle of essential oil and played around with it, the first time I ate a wild raw cacao bean, and sipped on a surprisingly tasty green superfood smoothie. I started to feel powerful and energetic. I remember doing hot yoga for the first time or going for a running meditation. I felt unshakably high. I remember the first time learning about the ancient wisdom of Chinese herbs, Ayurvedic herbs, and Amazonian herbs. I started to take charge and control in my life in ways never before.

Limitless energy, creativity galore, and completely squashed cravings, and depression was a distant memory of the past. Was it magic?

I think it was, and that’s my sacred WHY. My scared WHY began because I suffered so immensely to points where I wanted to take my life away and that was all I thought about for weeks/months at a time. My sacred WHY is because I have hit rock bottom and experienced what it’s like to have no energy, depression, and no will to live. My sacred WHY is that my cravings and emotional eating disorders starved the life right out of me in the past. Now that I am walking the holistic healing path and have already came a long long way – I have made it my life-long passion and mission to inspire, educate, and provide the “magic” to all those who seek healing and radiant health.

My scared WHY is that I want to provide you with magical tools so you can take control of your health.

This is my sacred WHY.

In this website I am revealing to you what worked for me, and the discoveries that I am making as I walk along the healing path.  At we are committed to providing you with the latest and leading in superior nutrition, healing, longevity, and beauty.

Together lets end our suffering through learning about how to use and optimize the magic that mother nature has provided to us. This magic includes;

  • Super foods/herbs
  • Cacao Magic/ healing power of chocolates —> GUILTLESS chocolates
  • Essential oils
  • Ancient wisdom
  • Holistic Beauty Remedies and more
Everyday better and better,

On Air



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