Look at those beautiful gleaming Beauty Bars!

I dreamed of a chemical free beauty line for all! A beauty line that does not involve animal cruelty or Frankenstein ingredients. I dreamed of a beauty line that doesn’t poison us or create metabolic waste in our bodies that contributes to harsh problems including breast cancer and cellulite!

A beauty line that supports sustainable resources and does not contain petroleum by products. A beauty line that creates jobs and heals the planet.

My dream came to life when I created GODDESS BEAUTY. For years I had been making decadent chocolate infused body butters, arousing the senses and winning over the hearts of my friends and family. But not once did I think about marketing this product and developing a conscious beauty line out of it. Until recently when I realized how many people are slowly poisoning themselves involuntarily with their beauty products.

This is very serious. Brushing chemicals into your teeth and applying toxins onto your skin is a serious matter! Did you know that after applying cream it takes only a matter of seconds before it enters into your bloodstream!

We have not questioned why we are having fertility issues, feeling sluggish, seeing cellulite, and hearing about (or god forbid – experiencing) strange diseases. Many have just dismissed these instances as part of life. When the truth is we have so much power, it’s in our hands to make a change happen. By voting with our dollars and buying handmade products we are supporting a lot more than just the individual(s) who are producing them but the environment and our overall health.

The journey of developing Goddess Beauty is moving along beautifully –  the latest addition: My dearest cousin has prepared the most luxurious bars of soap your body has EVER experienced. Using ingredients like Black Currant, Pumpkin, Macadamia oil, and Avocado oil your skin will smell of a walk in the most exotic aromatic gardens. Satiny smooth and glowing your outer radiance will be beyond beaming!

Add to your beauty and your health! I welcome you to my Alchemical Boutique, come in and sample Al Iksrs, chocolates, magical foods, and Goddess Beauty! E-mail Marina@Lovemovement.ca to make your appointment! Luxurious health and beauty awaits you….


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