Going to the LNC!

Tomorrow I am departing to sunny California to attend the most sought out event in health – The Longevity Now Conference!!!

The Longevity Now Conference is to offer the latest cutting-edge health information to longevity enthusiasts and practitioners from around the globe.

Held once a year in Costa Mesa, CA, this event presents the most cutting-edge ideas, tools, and technologies within the fields of longevity, health, and wellness. Attendees quickly learn how to easily and comprehensively upgrade their wellness program, no matter where they are in their personal journey.

For 3 days I’ll be hanging out with my teachers David Wolfe and Ron Teeguarden, P90X workout creator Tony Horton, The world’s legendary Dentist Hal Huggins, Dr. Christy Garner, Comedian Kyle Cease, my beauty guru Nadine Artemis, Elixir genius Truth Calkins, and many others.

Dr. Mercola, founder of mercola.com, says, “This event is one of the highlights of my year. It is the ‘go-to’ event if you want to increase your knowledge about how to improve your health.”

I know this 3 day intensive is going to change my life but my feeling is in a way beyond my wildest dreams. I want to be well equipped continually with the most factual common sense material and tools to give everyone the delicious wealth of their own health.

“My goal is to make everybody skilled enough to be able to be their own doctor, their own nutritionist. Because all of us intrinsically have that inside of us.” – David Wolfe


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