With Goddess Training and Marina Love!

This past Monday I was joined in the alchemical kitchen by 6 inspired goddesses ready to receive their training into part 1 of the series on Goddess training and sister ship. We drank magical potions together, shared wisdom, I gave them a workshop on super foods for goddesses, and we ate lots of Guiltless chocolates!

Many women across the globe are seeking empowerment, joy, community, and true beauty/well-being that shines and radiates.In honor of this desired connection I have created a series of 6 Gatherings (Goddess Circles) dedicated to helping women unleash their beauty and wisdom while connecting to others in a safe sacred space.
Each gathering will include a workshop on Goddess elements to build you into a beautiful radiant shining beauty! Followed by a Women’s Sharing Circle. For those unfamiliar with sharing circles – it’s time you get familiar as it is a time of deep reflection, shadow work, and support. Many beautiful findings surface from the center of the circle. The curriculum is as follows…
Part 1 – Goddess Nourishment: Goddess Potion crafting + Super food workshop.

Part 2 – Goddess Beauty: Personal Care revamp

Part 3 – Goddess Home: DIY Remedies and Essential Oils

Part 4 – Goddess Sun: All about the Sun and your Beauty

Part 5 – Goddess Smile: Self Dentistry

Part 6 – SURPRISE!…*hint* because Marina Love is a chocolatier – you can expect it to be a chocolatey goddess time!

If you are located in the LA area and have a group of women who would be interested in gathering once a week (for 6 consecutive weeks) to unleash their inner goddess please contact me at Marina@Lovemovement.ca

What are the Goddesses are saying about this workshop training series;

shebasmile (2)

“Coming into a womBmen sharing circle has been extremely needed and beneficial. We are at that time where we as goddesses need to regain our rightful place and reunite. I am so grateful to have met these beautiful sisters. I recommend any womBman to experience a session with Marina Love. She is so on point and amazingly in tune. When you are looking for that balance in your life emotionally, spiritually, physically, you recognize that voice within you speaking through another sister and that’s what Marina does.”

– Sheba Blaise, Montreal QC


“Inspiration, genuine listening ear, and instinctive guidance. Very wonderful experience, I pray and meditate to relive again and again. Sister Marina is truly blessed on her mission to reinforce the Sisterhood, Womanhood, Queenhood, and Goddesshood. Bless you beautiful soul.”

– Matea Saba, Montreal QC


“Marina’s knowledge and passion is next to none when it comes to her work and her lore to make each and everyone healthier and better in all ways – body-mind-spirit. She is delightful!” 

– Evalina Turpin, Actress/Producer/Stunt Actress/Sky Diver, Montreal, QC


“Marina Brings me to a whole new world of living. In a blessed offering from mother nature. Every time I join her workshop, I feel like I’m getting the ancient magical secret of life lecture from the eldest chief of the legendary lady village. I learn so much! I believe people in old times have lived in peace and harmony with nature, no waste, and take what’s given with gratitude. Basically, that’s what Marina Love is destined to show the world. And she is doing a beyond amazing job. We need Marina in schools, hospitals, and homes. It is really so sad that the world has come to this point to produce what is harmful and intoxicating to ourselves. I support Marina highly and she is taking us all back to the root of healing within ourselves, that echoes back to mother earth.  It is incredible, she is magical, I feel very blessed to have met Marina Love. Life changes a new begins…”

– Takako Haremaki, Artiste/Nail superstar (TicoNail), Montreal QC


” MARINA LOVE IS PURE LOVE! Her studies made me want to be more into me, and take care of my inner strength and be healthy and powerful! Being close to nature is the key to success!”

– Annik Boivin, Producer/Publisher, Montreal QC

PhSho Corinne Ardon 138

“Marina is a very skillful teacher who knows what she is speaking about. You feel her passion, her dedication towards healing and empowering people and our environment. Her knowledge about nutrition is amazing. In an environment that sends so much wrong information she helps us clarify and understand what is best for us. Her commitment is contagious and she makes you feel better and more beautiful. Thank you Marina!”

– Corrine Ardon, Conference Interpreter, Montreal QC

527415_10151303126255953_1816674999_n“My experience with Marina Love has been life changing. I am so grateful. With her extensive knowledge she has awakened my mind, body, and soul. Only a week in and I see and feel MAJOR results. It is incomparable to any advice and guidance I received prior to meeting her. The products from Luxe Alchemical Boutique are top quality as are her services. She is a healer and a revealer, This is not only my experience but of countless people I know. What a blessing she is!!”

– Jazzmin Qatramiz, Jeweler, Montreal QC


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