Aphrodisia: Pure Sensuality to Radiant Health

Summoning forth Aphrodisia!


Wherein two alchemical wizards bring what true sensuality means, by rekindling the fire between the divine masculine and the divine feminine. As Aphrodisia re “divines” what it ultimately means to be human.


Meet Derik Singh: Elemental Alchemist and Marina Love: Sensual Goddess. Together with their true and pure sensuality, are bringing forth a renewed version of delighting your way through the 5 senses to be in radiant health.

Radiant health is the way in which we define wicked weight loss, endless energy, constant clarity, heart expansion, ecstatic endurance, and anti-aging.

Everything has a frequency, everything we put into our bodies becomes a part of us, so whatever it is we’re putting into our bodies – foods, thoughts, and actions all have a frequency. Since we are all that we intake, this becomes our frequency.

3325115633_6e1503e53a (2)

Nucleotide rich foods, also known as “superfoods” and “superherbs” have the highest frequency as opposed to any other food and herb you can find out there in the world, which has the ability to raise your consciousness to a higher and more enlightening state of being and awareness, the ability to reinforce your body with elements and minerals you can’t find and get out of anything else, so by therefore supplying your body with these super-nutrients, nucleotides, minerals and elements, your entire state of being has no other choice but
to ascend to the higher dimensions of what it means to be alive.

Through our teachings, no intense disciplines or insane will-power is needed – instead you can expect to flow with ease and grace, using the 5 senses, delightfully ascending beyond your goals.



***As an launch special we are offering free 30-minute introductory sessions for June and July!
Contact us for your free Aphrodisia session today! E-mail Marina@LoveMovement.ca ***

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