LUXE Divine Nutrition and Well Being now has an incredible partner!!!

Welcoming Master Raw Chef/Herbal Alchemist:
Derik Singh

Derik Singh was born and raised in the French region of Canada known as Quebec but specifically around the Montreal area, as he is French Canadian and also has a nice mixture of Indian and Native American blood. Derik is now partnering with Marina on multiple projects and endeavors and we would like to formally introduce you to him by giving you a brief biography of what he brings to the table for Luxe Divine Nutrition and Well Being, as we intend on adding more magic to our educational newsletter.

So Derik, take it away and tell us about yourself;

“Greetings everyone, well, during the course of my entire childhood, my mother was a naturopathic practitioner on her own spare time, therefore, I was surrounded by natural alternative medicines,as well as organic foods, or what was considered back then in the 90’s as “natural foods”, I don’t think the term “organic” was necessarily common. I could remember as a child, accompanying my mother to the natural health foods store up the road when she felt she needed to treat a wound or an illness, to treat herself or her children in to the best of her ability to do so in a naturalistic way. I could recall being enchanted with the aromas of essential oils, sage as well as the aromas of the plant based medicines and flowers laid out all over.

Scientists propose that from the day of birth, until approximately around the age of 8, children are naturally functioning in theta brain wave states, where their entire environment and atmosphere, is all being absorbed and interpreted in a higher vibrational state of consciousness. Wherein these children are more sensitive to the energies within their environment and the materials and situations they’re exposed to during their lives as children. With all this to say, the idea of eating organically reintroduced itself into my life around the age of 17 years, due to my conditioning’s as a child growing up: the aromas of essential oils, herbage and plant based materials the memory of my body picked up on as a child, years passed, I then passionately began to buy a collection of fair trade organic teas down at the local health food store, which I then began to drink daily. The art of tea consumption wasn’t something I went out of my way of doing, but became a lifestyle!

After a series of experiences and situations of which occurred in my life, my friend challenged me to a “two week raw vegan lifestyle”, as I had no clue what in the world that meant!? Simply eating a diet consisting of fruits, nuts, seeds and vegetables. Of course I took him up to the challenge and agreed, after the two weeks were over, on a diet strictly based on raw whole foods, my life and energetic levels changed forever. I didn’t want to stop, we both made a mutual decision to dig deeper into the path of superior health and nutrition, though we we’re quite uneducated at the time, we we’re both in state of becoming and learning by exploring this new lifestyle. Eventually I moved up into a new job, wherein I began to work for a raw vegan production kitchen, by the company known as Crudessence in Montreal, QC. I started as the delivery guy and dishwasher, but that was more than enough, constantly observing the way’s of the sous chefs and head chefs, strengthening my work ethic in kitchens, soon after moving up in taking charge of making all the raw ice creams, through impression, the head chef decided to keep me ascending higher and higher in the kitchen from sous chef to co-manager, in which I was given the role of making the staff mid-day lunches everyday, to create something beautiful with what we had according to food stock and what was disposed onto the staff shelf for approx. twenty people at a time, I worked my creativity muscle in where I had to create a certain amount of food in a certain amount of time to the best of my ability with what I had and keep the staff as happy as possible. Eventually, I began to recognize my healing ability with the innate energy I had within my body to project into the food, this energy is known as Love .. where it brought food to a whole other dimension, regardless of how many others could re-create what I made as simple as it could have been at times. Two and a half years later, it was my time to go, after all the caterings I’ve prepped, the skills I’ve developed, the managerial attitude I quickly picked up, every muscle that one is required to have in a kitchen was worked in terms of work ethic and becoming more and more of a better chef.

I eventually moved on down to California, with the intention of entirely letting myself go and totally trusting that wherever I may go, I will always be safe and taken care of. I eventually found myself in a cafe, known as Raw Star cafe in Santa Monica, I decided I would help the Chef Owner. Through that experience, I developed my ability to decorate dishes in an incredible fashion, through my own creative will, I’ve never made food for people before, besides the staff meals in the production kitchen back at Crudessence. It was an enjoyable time, working my ability in making the dishes into a dish of fireworks. In other words, through my creative will, making the dishes look superb as I worked around with colors and shapes and textures of the food.

As much as I have this raw food history now in my life, I’m highly passionate about the worlds most healing foods and herbs, such as Chinese Tonic herbalism, Ayurvedic herbalism, African herbalism so on and so forth. Most importantly bringing the worlds most miraculous and healing medicines into raw foods and making sure that not only I, but the world has access in eating the best ever all the time when I’m around .. at least. I am sincerely inspired and ready to begin collaborating and creating with Marina!”

*** We are now offering 30-minute complimentary Rapid Change Sessions with Derik for you to get a taste of what working with him will feel like! ****

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